Daily Show, The Easter Egg - Rob Corddry Hates Listpausers

In this episode, Rob Corddry does a segment satirizing "Racists" as an opressed minority group themselves, of which he is one.

At the end of the segment, a list of groups he hates goes scrolling by on the screen way too fast to read. So I paused my Tivo, rewound, and went through the list pausing to see what was there.

Of course, there are plenty of just plain funny entries like "Jerry Lewis" and "Star Bellied Snitches". But on top of that are several that are clearly Easter Eggs:

- Tivo List Pauser
- Seriously Stop Pausing This
- What do you think this is, Lost?
- 4 8 15 16 23 42
- Stephen Colbert
- Someone who only gets their news from The Daily Show
- Hawken School Class of '89
- Boy Scout Troop 19
- [email protected]

That last one seemed particularly inviting. I sent an email to it and got this reply:

"Thanks for your email. Please enjoy this not-at-all automated response, and, for a special message just for you, head over to www.listpauser.com.


P.S. If you are writing to point out that "Canadian" was on the list twice, please be aware that that is because I hate them double. If you are writing to point out that "Star-Bellied Sneetches" was misspelled, then please be aware that I also hate nit-pickers."

The picture posted on www.listpauser.com is archived below for posterity.

If someone knows what the specific significance of Troop 19 or the Class of '89 is, please post a comment.

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Contributed By: David Wolf on 04-07-2006
Reviewed By: David Wolf
Special Requirements: The April 5, 2006 episode titled "Race: The Afrospanicindioasianization of America"
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Rob Corddry Hates You
Rob Corddry Hates You

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Pythocitizen writes:
Class of '89 refers to the year he graduated High School.
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