Call of Duty: Finest Hour Easter Egg - Two Hidden Rooms

One mission, two eggs. In the American campaign, select the second mission (underground passage) where you set the charges on the ladders. First, go down the spiral staircase and kill all the Germans in the first room. Don't use any grenades yet, you need them later. Enter the room to the right and kill all the Germans in here as well. There is an alcove to the right where all the Germans had come out of...throw two grenades right next to the hidden door in this alcove. Then go up to the door and press the action button. Throw two more grenades next to the should blow up. Go down to explore the first secret room!

There are pictures of the developers' children all over the walls, a ghostly man in a baby carriage you can control, a giant rat in a cage, a toy tank, a toilet you can shoot, two big machine guns, teddy-bear health, and purple teddy-bear grenades.

Just before you reach the next egg, as you climb up one of the last ladders, once you reach the tunnel just before (or After...) Your sargent will call out "Ryan? Private Ryan?" This is a Reference, obviously to "Saving Private Ryan."

At the very end of the level, while you are still in the tunnels, go to the exit but do not exit the level. Walking backwards, enter the second alcove on the right and find the boards covering another tunnel. Blow up the planks with two grenades, go up to them and press the action button, then throw on two or three more grenades. This should blow the planks away revealing the last secret room!

There are ~5 dancing Germans, with a break-dancing Russian woman. You can go up to the phonographs and "scratch" the albums by pressing the action button. They won't hurt you and are fun to watch for a while. You can kill them only with a grenade.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-23-2006
Reviewed By: Axel, MorPH
Special Requirements: PS2, Xbox, Computer, etc... Call of Duty Finest Hour
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