Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith Easter Egg - Shaak Ti's Lightsaber?

Open the 2nd DVD, and go to special features. Open deleted scenes and play the first one. Here you will see General Greivious kill Shaak Ti. A few moments later Greivious holds up the lightsaber and it is none other than LUKE SKYWALKERS! Who is, of course, one of the main characters in the original 3 movies.

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Contributed By: hot-shot-gamer on 03-16-2006
Reviewed By: Axel, MorPH
Special Requirements: 2nd DVD, your vision skills
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The Evil Pig writes:
Here is a picture of Luke's lightsaber handle and if you didn't know, Shaak ti is a Jedi that looks like Ahsoka from the clone wars.
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jewmonster writes:
The whole scene is irrelevant anyways. Although that is a keen observation, the scene was deleted in order to give Shaak-Ti a greater use later. She will be a boss fight in the upcoming game "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed". She will fight you alongside several Rancor, according to artwork found in GameInformer Magazine. There is no hope for her survival during said fight, and she will be a victim of the Jedi Purge. Below a link to an image of Shaak-Ti from "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed"
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Grievous (by the way I just used the correct spelling) has two sabers here. One is exactly like Anakin's, the other is exactly like Obi-Wan's. I'm not sure which one you think is Luke's. Luke used the saber that used to belong to Anakin in ANH & ESB thus you may think of this one. After losing this one in a duel with Vader, Luke built his own lightsaber using Obi-Wan's design. So you might also think of this one. Both are extremely similar, but I think the coincidence occured merely because the art department at Lucasfilm was too lazy to construct new lightsabers and ended up reusing designs.
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Zanda Rag writes:
I have two questions. 1) who is Shaak Ti? I am always surprised how many people read the "Star Wars" books, and know the names of characters with no use whatsoever to the actual story. 2) How do you know what Luke's lightsaber looks like? All I know is that it's green in Return of the Jedi and blue in the other two. Is there a special handle pattern? Please, writer of this egg, tell me how many times you watched Star Wars to memorize what Luke's lightsaber looks like.
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