Dare (Gorillaz) Easter Egg - Daft Punk Reference

1. Pop in the Daft Punk CD "Homework"

2. Turn it to track 3, "Revolution 909"

3. Listen carefully to the crowd of people at the beginning, notice the bass line in the background, and pick out snippets of the conversations, like "Joan and Teresa have been in there for an hour!" and "Yeah, that's suicide!"

4. Now change CDs to "Demon Days" by Gorillaz

5. Listen to the song "Dare"

6. Skip to the last 20 seconds or so of the song

7. In the background, behind the music of "Dare", you can hear the EXACT recording of the crowd of people, except WITHOUT the bass line from "Revolution 909"

8. My explanation is that the two guys from Daft Punk and the two guys from Gorillaz are the same people. Lets face it- the same type of music, Daft Punk never EVER shows their faces, we never hear Daft punk's pure voices (they are always enhanced with a vocoder), and both bands animate their music videos with 4 weird characters that play the music.


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Contributed By: hybriddavid on 03-15-2006
Reviewed By: Axel, MorPH
Special Requirements: Daft Punk's "Homework" CD, Gorillaz "Demon Days" CD
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No, Damon Albarn (the songwriter and singer behind Gorillaz) was a member of Blur before forming Gorillaz, and nothing else. Jamie Hewlett (the illustrator and cartoonist behind Gorillaz) never did anything music related before that.
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pigmandan writes:
Or, both bands used the same stock crowd sample in their music. Much like some fims use stock footage, many songs use stock samples. As in royalty free publicly available sound clips/samples or those that might be found in music software. In my opinion, not an Easter Egg.
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Wallamanage writes:
not an egg really. there's no personal significance. also gorrillaz and daft punk are not the same band.
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arrell writes:
Perhaps the fellas from Gorillaz simply wished to acknowledge Daft Punk's music?
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stupot writes:
the reason that they have that is the original song that damon albarn didn't want to use because if they did he sang to much on the album. the song was People and it was pretty much just about people at a party. that's the sound. that makes more sense then having it in DARE
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Jonesb93 writes:
Gorillaz is a huge collaboration...as in multiple people...Danger Mouse even had a hand in this, it's not impossible that the guys from Daft Punk were involved in this too. Anyone seen the DVD? There's like 30 people on stage.
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