Call of Duty: Finest Hour Easter Egg - The Big Apple

1. On the russian campaign, go to the level titled "Op. Little Saturn."

2.When you start your are in a tank. Drive your tank to the left side of the road.

3. Look for a lone tree with no leaves on it. Position yourself so you are facing the right side of the tree.

4. Drive forward and you will go right through the wall.

5. Find a path and follow it away from your comrades, around the mountain. Continue around the mountain until you are on the other side.

6. Now look into the distance and you will see the biggest apple you have ever seen! Drive into it and there will be a little suprise.

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Contributed By: Kodfish on 03-09-2006
Reviewed By: Axel, MorPH
Special Requirements: a game console, a copy of Call of Duty: Finest hour
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that guy writes:
awesome secret!!! they should let you use it instead of the tank though.(that would be AWESOME!!!)
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jt writes:
Past the giant apple you can drive down the road. There is a small tank to the left side. You can shoot it with tank shots and eventually completely destroy the tank. If you keep going down the road you will run into an invisible wall, which I find disappointing. In Metroid Prime games you could jump out of the game since they didn't use invisible walls. Anyway, in the distance, there is a dark object. I can't make out what it is. Go to the miniature tank and look to the right. you may have to move up or down the road to be able to see it. Does anyone know what it is? Also, not mentioned in this, there is a cannon up on one of the mountains that you cannot destroy even though the red hit indicator will flash when it is hit with a tank shot.
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FEAR101 writes:
there is another UFO in another Egg and I posted it so hope fully you can see it
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wesley58 writes:
what is the surprise ?
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