Interstella 5555 - Daft Punk Easter Egg - Picture

In the bonus features menu, select the third box from the left, There is only 1 picture of 2 of the characters and that is all.
Exit and then go back to the same picture then exit again, you will notice that the backround picture in bonus features menu has changed to a close up of a character, I'm supposing that this is intentional.
Now go back into the picture in third box from the left and exit again.
The picture will change. Now keep looking at the picture and exiting until you see a picture of the two robot-guys from daft punk in the menu backround.
One has "peace" on his visor, the other has a star.
Now Move to the third box from the RIGHT, and press up. The star on the visor will light up red, now push ok on remote control and you will see a half finished drawring of a charachter for a few seconds.

*note* the only way you can get the star to light up is from only the third box from the RIGHT. if you highlight this box then move away and highlight again, pressing up will have no effect until you change backround pictures again.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-16-2006
Reviewed By: ConCor, Axel
Special Requirements: DVD
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The Robot On The Right And the Hidden Button On His Face
The Robot On The Right And the Hidden Button On His Face

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