Halo 2 Easter Egg - Red Vs Blue Rooster Teeth Logo

Go into the multiplayer level turf. go the the medical hut and in that vicinity, there is a Pop machine. on it it says pop, and there is a red picture of a set of teeth. Go to the other side of the level, where there is those moving doors. there is another machine, except this one say soda on it, and has a blue rooster on it. RED vs. Blue is a video animation that uses halo 1 as the engine for the graphics. red vs blues logo is rooster teeth.

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Contributed By: sinembarg & lethargic pirate on 10-18-2005
Reviewed By: Axel, Techneon
Special Requirements: xbox, halo 2, inenste walking skills
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Zydd writes:
What ARE you talking about? Red Vs. Blue is a machinima (A Television-like series made using Video Games) made using Halo 1 until Episode 43, where Rooster Teeth switched to Halo 2 for most episodes following 44. Not only is Red Vs. Blue NOT an animation, it does not use Halo 1 as an engine. Get your facts straight next time. P.S. This was far too obvious of an easter egg. Everyone who didn't notice this as soon as they played turf should be ashamed.
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Superabound writes:
Actually, animation is any kind of "acting" or depiction of events that does not physically portray real-life actors or environments. That includes both hand-drawn "classical" animation and modern CGI or computer generated animation. Red vs Blue would obviously fall into the latter category. Also, Red vs Blue DOES use the Halo 1 engine, for at least 43 of the episodes, which you plainly pointed out in your own comment. So i dont see how the original submitter can be called incorrect for saying that it does. So why dont YOU get YOUR facts straight before you start pointing out other peoples errors that dont even exist, Mr. Tough Guy?
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@Zydd You know, not everyone is a Red vs. Blue fan. I had no idea that Rooster Teeth made Red vs. Blue. This is a website for easter eggs, no matter how obvious they may be. Next time, try not to sound like such an arrogant ass.
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Actually, roosterteeth is not the logo for RVB. It is the logo for the company that makes RVB.
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