THX 1138 director's cut Easter Egg - Star Wars Reference

In the scene near the end where THX 1138 steals a car, listen carefully to the radio chatter as he prepares to star the engine. You will hear "I think I just ran over a wookie on the freeway"

As most of you know, Lucas is known for placing 1138 in all of his movies, so I guess it's was to be expected that in the director's cut of THX he added a reference to star wars. Enjoy!

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Contributed By: Strigoi on 09-21-2005
Reviewed By: Axel, DomFeargrieve
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Ked writes:
Actually, it's the reverse in this case. That phrase was in the original; he liked the word so much he used it in Star Wars.
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DRU writes:
I actually read about this one on line. to make back round noice, the sound guy recorded himself saying lots of lines that had no meaning in particular. Lucas heard him say "I thought I just ran over a Wookie" and decided that was a cool word. 10 years later (or when ever it was) when he needed a name for them, he named them wookies!
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THX-1138 predates Star Wars by some measure. Pehaps the future was pre-ordained?
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