Halo Easter Egg - Snappy Out of Uniform Marine on Top of Cliff in Well Enough Alone Campaign Level

I was meandering around the "Well Enough Alone" level in Halo PC and think I may have uncovered a very cool new egg. I have searched around on Google and haven't found this egg mentioned anywhere yet.

The Egg:
There is a marine (may be one of the game creators) on top of one of the cliffs in the "Well Enough Alone" Campaign level. He is just hanging out in the rain and appears to be out of uniform (i.e. wearing a hiking hat and vest).

If you attack him (melee, pistol) he will snap back with comments like "Clean your visor". After about 4 or 5 attacks and corresponding verbal exchanges he eventually dies.

To get to the egg:
1. "Well Enough Alone" map needs to be modified to give you extra jump height. Info on modding maps and adding "superjump" can be found at the http://www.halomods.com forum.

2. Right after getting dropped off, walk over to the downed pelican (should be in front of you).

3. Walk straight out from the back of the downed pelican and over to the bottom of the cliff edge.

4. Jump in the air and land on top of the cliff.

5. Walk over to the guy standing out there in the rain. He will ignore you at first.

6. Fire a pistol round at him (less damage than melee). With each attack he will snap back at you with comments (see list below). After 4 or 5 attacks, he'll succumb and you will have to load the last checkpoint and start over to hear more snappy comebacks.

- "Stop!"
- "Hey!"
- "It's me!"
- "Careful!"
- "I'm on your side!"
- "What the F..."
- "Hold your fire!"
- "Clean your visor!"
- "Try aiming that weapon!"
- "Watch your fire!"
- "Cease fire!"
- "Hey, watch your fire amigo!"
- "Do I owe you money?"
- "Point that thing somewhere else!"

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Contributed By: Bradster on 09-01-2005
Reviewed By: Axel, DomFeargrieve
Special Requirements: Halo for PC, mod to "Well Enough Alone" map to enable super jump
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The marine
The marine

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Akashe writes:
Just for the record, that marine isn't necessarily out of uniform. The hat is a campaign hat, and the vest could be either an LBV (load bearing vest) or a bulet proof vest. Plasma proof. Whatever.
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twitch writes:
you noob. Mendoza is up there because he handles some of the triggers during the level (such as the friendly markers on your motion tracker and the camera recording later in the game.) This is not an easter egg. Easter eggs have some hidden meaning, or were put there so you could have fun with them, and were meant to be findable without mods. You can shoot any marine to make him say crap. By the way, you can get up the cliff by holding down the grenade key, starting at the opening cutscene and releasing it when the peli takes off. YOu can also jumo from a nearby rock atop the pelican, then onto the cliff.
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ya, your a noob lol I ownz the internet!
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