Halo Easter Egg - Snappy Out of Uniform Marine on Top of Cliff In

I was meandering around the "Well Enough Alone" level in Halo PC and think I may have uncovered a very cool new egg. I have searched around on Google and haven't found this egg mentioned anywhere yet.

The Egg:
There is a marine (may be one of the game creators) on top of one of the cliffs in the "Well Enough Alone" Campaign level. He is just hanging out in the rain and appears to be out of uniform (i.e. wearing a hiking hat and vest).

If you attack him (melee, pistol) he will snap back with comments like "Clean your visor". After about 4 or 5 attacks and corresponding verbal exchanges he eventually dies.

To get to the egg:
1. "Well Enough Alone" map needs to be modified to give you extra jump height. Info on modding maps and adding "superjump" can be found at the http://www.halomods.com forum.

2. Right after getting dropped off, walk over to the downed pelican (should be in front of you).

3. Walk straight out from the back of the downed pelican and over to the bottom of the cliff edge.

4. Jump in the air and land on top of the cliff.

5. Walk over to the guy standing out there in the rain. He will ignore you at first.

6. Fire a pistol round at him (less damage than melee). With each attack he will snap back at you with comments (see list below). After 4 or 5 attacks, he'll succumb and you will have to load the last checkpoint and start over to hear more snappy comebacks.

- "Stop!"
- "Hey!"
- "It's me!"
- "Careful!"
- "I'm on your side!"
- "What the F..."
- "Hold your fire!"
- "Clean your visor!"
- "Try aiming that weapon!"
- "Watch your fire!"
- "Cease fire!"
- "Hey, watch your fire amigo!"
- "Do I owe you money?"
- "Point that thing somewhere else!"

Xbox Instructions:

During the intro video to this level, just before control of the Master Chief is given to the player, Foehammer will say "The last transmission from the Captain's dropship was from this area..." As soon as you have control of the Master Chief (and BEFORE he jumps out of the dropship) pull and hold the left trigger. Make sure you do not touch ANYTHING except the left trigger. Master Chief should throw a grenade and remain in the dropship. Hold the trigger until the dropship takes off with you still inside. The drop ship will fly to the edge of the map and come to a rest. Press the 'X' button to exit the dropship. Keeping the edge of the map to your left, follow the edge of the map until you reach the marine in a clearing.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-24-2005
Reviewed By: Axel, Techneon
Special Requirements: Halo for PC, mod to "Well Enough Alone" map to enable super jump
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Pictures and Videos

The marine on the cliff.
The marine on the cliff.

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treblemaker writes:
Wow! Can you get pictures or even a video of this? I know that if this is true many Halo fan sites will be amazed. If you get a vid or pic, post it on a site like putfile.com and send it to highimpacthalo.org or anothe Halo fan site.
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Flash writes:
This egg is like so old. It's on the Xbox version of Halo, too. You can just stay in the Pelican that brings you to the swamp by throwing all your grenades out while still sitting in it. This makes it so that you don't exit the Pelican and then it takes off, eventually crashing into the hill. Then you just exit the Pelican and go to the marine.
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stormtrooper writes:
It's Private Jenkins. The guy who you see through in the Jenkins video.
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Actually, it's not Jenkins, it's someone else. As anyone who has read The Flood can tell you, Jenkins was infected by the Flood and was later killed by McKay.
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