Matrix, The Easter Egg - 1138 in Wachowskis' the Matrix

At the end of The Matrix, Neo places a call, and the trace program is displayed on screen. The numbers shift randomly until an error occurs and the whole screen freezes.

Now pause the movie, because this screen only stays like this for a few seconds. You should see that many numbers are highlighted on the screen. Most have no meaning, but on the very bottom right, there is a set of 4 highlighted numbers. These numbers are 1138, a reference to the easter egg George Lucas employs in his films.

It may be possible to view this egg on fullscreen DVDs, and if you have a high quality VCR, you may be able to locate it on VHS as well. I have not checked any of these to verify this.

To date I have not heard of anyone else finding this egg, which is strange given the popularity of the film, and the wide knowledge of similar eggs.

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Contributed By: Dracc on 08-23-2005
Reviewed By: Axel, Techneon
Special Requirements: Widescreen DVD
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Could this be the
Could this be the "1138" that is mentioned at the end of "The Matrix" ??

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Dracc writes:
That is indeed the pic! Thanks for adding it.
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Poindexter writes:
Ephant Mon does not know how to use his eyes. It is indeed 1138. In the widescreen version, pause it at 2:08:05. At this point, look in the very bottom right hand corner. The number 1138 is directly along the bottom of the picture. Reading that row, from left to right: 451138582. The 4 is bold, 1138 is bold, the second 5 is bold (while in the middle of a shift to another number), and the rest are not bold. It is obvious, and you would have to be completely blind not to see it. Cheers!
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DRU writes:
Trust me, I'm a huge fan of the whole 1138 thing, but seriously, it dousn't seem like the first "1" might actually be a 3. Also, this may be a coincidence. There is 38 across and 20 down so there are 760 numbers on there. There may be a chance that while entering random numbers, 1138 just happened to come up. I'm hoping it's an egg, but i don't know...
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Gensai writes:
hrm it seems to me that the first "1" is actually a "3" but maybe im seeing things?
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Ephant Mon writes:
Thats definitely not 1138, the first digit isn't "1" nor do I think the second is either.
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