Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean Easter Egg - Baten Kaitos:Ewlo Developer Egg

In Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, beat up to the nation "Mira". Play until you reach the garden. There, trap the essence of some Mirage Weed (To do this just go up next to the greenery on the wall by the woman and hit A when you see the exclamation point). You may want to take two, just in case. Beat the garden and continue playing until you reach the village "Reverence".

There, go across the bridge and talk to one of the people there. He will ask for some Mirage Weed. Give it to him with the C-stick. Then he flips the wall over in the back, making the question mark on it flip to the right. Go in the revealed door and talk to the fortune-teller there. After that, press A next to the two pieces of furniture behind her (Here's the Egg!).

One will give you the Monolith Pen, and the other will give you the tri-Crecendo Pen. Monolith and tri-Crescendo are the names of the co-developers of the game! Use them together on an enemy (just them, no others), to create the Holy Grail! I'm not sure if the fact that the result is the Holy Grail refers to the greatness of the game or not-it's up for interpretation.

The description of the Monolith Pen in the Deck menu is:

"A pen that draws the world in numerous perspectives from Sci-Fi to fantasy. It is said that using it together with a tri-Crescendo Pen brings out more strength and creativity."

The first line seems to describe Monolith's various games. The "strength and creativity" appears to be a tribute to Monolith and tri-Crescendo's harmonious relationship.

The description of the tri-Crescendo Pen is:

"The name of some software company is etched in the side. Use this pen to write and the ink will leak out all over. Hey you! Don't be thinking you can trash this pen!"

I personally think the second line here is a nice touch.

I have yet to find any other Eggs in this game, though I haven't finished it yet. If you find any others, please post them!


User Rating:
  3.6/10 with 7 votes
Contributed By: Mark B. on 08-15-2005
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, Techneon
Special Requirements: Nintendo Gamecube, Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean Disc 1, 8 blocks of free memory, 1 controller
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