Star Wars Republic Commando Easter Egg - THX-1138 Reference

I discovered this one whilst creating a map for Republic Commando.

1. Start a new SP or MP game (it doesn't matter which).
2. Type "OPEN 1138" (No Quotes). Press Enter.

You will appear in a dimly-lit room with two default, non-marked clone commandos in the center.
On all of the walls, there are posters naming various levels in the game.
Run up to one and press E to hit it with your melee attack. On most of them, a message will pop up at the top of your screen, saying something like "Loading Server 3". Only one of them actually does anything; the one directly under the "Geonosian Campaign" sign with a little green arrow pointing at it. If you stab that one with your vibroblade, it will load the level on Geonosis when your squad is on the large elevator leading deep into the Seperatist starship.

The name of the map, 1138, is the commonly-seen egg in all Star Wars-themed games, movies, and books, reflecting one of George Lucas's oldest movies, THX-1138.

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Contributed By: Joetheeskimo on 08-09-2005
Reviewed By: sars, DomFeargrieve
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