Joan of Arcadia Easter Egg - Newspaper Clippings in 01x04: The Boat

First off, apologies for not finding any better eggs so far. I know this one is pretty sucky.

Joan of Arcadia, season one, episode four: "The Boat" features Joan building a boat, and Kevin dealing with his handicap.

1. Watch this episode.
2. Freeze around 18th minute, go into frame-by-frame.
3. When Kevin browses through his newspaper clippings/photo album, stop when he's reading the article titles 'Kevin Girardi throws the winning touchdown'.
4. You can read the article now. You'll see it's bogus; the same two sentences repeated every time. However, this is not the entertaining bit...
5. Now, read the bit of the article to the upper-left of the touchdown one. You can't see it entirely, but from the bit that is visible, I'm pretty confident he was writing about himself :)

"Newly appointed [..missing..] position himself issues of graphic design, the proper way to put together a newspaper, or even how monkeys find a way to mate under the most extraordinary public"

The last bit I found particularly funny, as he's obviously aware there are a few people that actually read this stuff...

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Contributed By: Kander on 07-07-2005
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, Techneon
Special Requirements: Slowed down playback, keen eyesight
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