Sims 2, The Easter Egg - Boolprop, the Ultimate Cheat

Ok, first things first. Bool prop is not a cheat, but is often referred to as one. It is actually a testing program that the programmers used to test the game. You can do many things with bool prop. first you need to know where to type it in. well, push ctrl+shift+c and type boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true (not case sensitive) in the box that comes up. Now you're ready to go! You can do SO many things with boolProp. Like get pregnant without having to woohoo over and over. There's so much you'll just have to discover them yourself, feel free to post some here if you know them. Here's the basics. To use boolProp shift click on an active sim or on the mailbox and choose the desired action (you can do this action on anything but the sims, tombstone of l&d and the mailbox give you more options. most others are just force error). You will get more action choices if you get the tombstone of life and death. To do this, shift click on an active sim and go to spawn and then choose tombstone of L&D. The tombstone should come up next to the selected sim. click on it and choose the desired action. Just remember these three things and you should be ok, DON'T invite the NPC car over, it just ruins the whole game. if an error comes up DO NOT click anything but reset. and never choose force error from your sim, it just isn't a good idea. (hey, it doesn't sound like a good idea, does it?) so that's about it, happy exploring and happy simming!

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-17-2005
Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster, DomFeargrieve
Special Requirements: the sims 2, um, yep.
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If you go into Create-A-Sim whilst using this cheat, press ctrl+ M (you should get a dialogue box saying that C-a-S is now in debugging mode) you should get lots of hidden skins (Alien, Mannequin, etc.) , clothes and hair (NPC costumes and stuff). Ctrl+ N turns this mode off.
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damato writes:
Cheat: To get aspiration points, hold down the control button and at the same time left click on any want or fear. :D Happy simming!
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Ok. I like and dislike this "cheat". (If it's not technically a cheat, who cares? It's entered in the cheat box.) I like it because it can really help you, and I will list these: Enter cheat in neighborhood. Then, go to desired house. Then.... POOF! No worries. You can drag up relationship bars, skill point bars, interests bars, or mood bars. You cannot drag up aspiration bars, but if you shift-click the active sim you can always go to "aspiration..." then say "max" or "gold". That doesn't give you points, but it can get you to a platinum mood. But it could get you points as well. If you have "see a ghost" as one of your wants, just spawn the tombstone of L and D, click on it, and say "New adult female" or something. Then spawn Rodney's death creator. Be the new sim, click on the death creator, then choose how you want to die. (If you choose satellite you can sell the satellite. There are different color ghosts for different death types.) But.... I don't like this cheat sometimes, because I can't find anything to do! Okay, I have all green stats, full skill points..... I think the only thing to do is to complete all jobs, and that's not really a challenge if you have a perfect mood and all skill points. So what is there to do? Any ideas? I'm bored to death.
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mata writes:
you're all idiots, you have to hold shift+n to get hidden skins
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cjr writes:
I'm sorry this all needs clearing up. koira is correct but its completely useless knowledge. ThreeMusketeersABC was correct kind of he got it the wrong way round. Ctrl + N opens the CAS (create a sim) debug mode. Ctrl + M to turn off. damato thanks I'll try it first ive heard of this (though there are easier ways for about 150000 aspiration points). ShadowStalker666 if the cheat has accepted you can do a lot but it is all hidden... kind of. Shift+Left Mouse Click is the most common. Do it on a Sim and a whole range of functions open. The Mailbox, The Newspaper and The Garbage Can also do interesting things play about with them. My Favorite are Make Thin, Spawn and Sim Modder (Comes with NightLife). C'est_La_Chou, I agree fully. Especially after investigating this cheat to a high extent. Once using this cheat I learn only to use certain functions for example 'Make Thin' (which can I say with all the EPs (not stuff packs) never re-corrects no matter how much food you throw in them) and some Sim Modder Cheats for Brand New Sims. Also look on Mod The Sims 2 for a full realization of what this cheat does for creators. Career Creators (Me one of them) The Chance Card Tester is awesome. Same with the Newspaper (where you can get any job auto at any level). Hope that cleared a bit up. Any questions I'm free for E-mail: [email protected] Anyone here who is afraid of this 'Boolean Property' (aka cheat) I will clean it up (maybe make a site about it) email me also ill explain its functions and whats good and bad. P.S. NEVER Force Error On Your Sim And Press Delete... Or if anxious save beforehand.
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Caver1989 writes:
The ctrl+M cheat that ThreeMusketeersABC posted doesnt work for me. I have input the code "boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true" into the cheat menu, gone into Create-A-Sim mode, and pressed ctrl+M however the dialogue box saying that C-a-S is now in debugging mode didnt show up. Is this a legit cheat or made up to confuse people such as myself?
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koira writes:
oh for the love of god... boolProp isn't a cheat, it's a Property that's Boolean; allow me to break it down boolProp <-- tells the engine that we're editing a boolean propert TestingCheatsEnabled <-- the actual property (thus, this is the cheat) true <-- tells the engine to set the boolean property of TestingCheats Enabled to true now, for a nice little addendum; if you have activated this, and you go on create a sim, pressing Shift + N (or Shift + one of the keys along the bottom row) it will enable all costumes including debug ones, and a message will display telling you so
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I can't get any of this to work. I've typed everything in the right way but nothing is different.
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