Madagascar Easter Egg - To Serve Lemur

In the Lemur meeting in which the outsider animals and the Fousas are discussed. At the mention of the word Fousa, the lemurs all go into panic, and briefly in the panic, you'll see a lemur pop up holding a book entitled 'To Serve Lemur' screaming "It's a cookbook! It's a cookbook!"

Apparently someone at Dreamworks is a fan of a certain Twilight Zone in which aliens land on earth promising to help humans, carrying a mysterious book, 'To Serve Mankind'. Later, after humans begin to be transported to visit the aliens' planet, a man scheduled to be transported discovers a bit too late that the 'serving' in question is not 'to help' but 'to cook'.

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Contributed By: Sir Eternal on 06-28-2005
Reviewed By: Gamer Sly-Ratchet, Techneon
Special Requirements: The Madagascar Film
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flabiom writes:
This type of thing is all over the film. The scene with the statue of liberty (Panet of the Apes)"Damn you all to Heck!". There were others and some I'm sure i missed. I would see it again to see what they are, but I have to see it was a weak movie. I loved the Chimps and the Penguins, but everything else was lame.
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Norman writes:
In another scene of the movies there is also a reference to "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks. Alex is trying to make fire if I correctly remember and at one point he's "talking" to a ball with a face painted on it. The same as Tom Hanks did in "Cast Away".
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