Monster Truck Madness 2 Easter Egg - Weird Horns Plus a Bonus Track

1. Open the folder where Monster Truck Madness 2 is installed. (By default it is C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Monster Truck Madness 2)

2. In this folder open the sub-folder titles 'system'

3. In this folder open the file 'monster.ini' with notepad ort any other text editor.

4. Scroll down to the [Game] section and change the value of 'kookyHornFlag' from 0 to 1. ie from 'kookyHornFlag=0' to 'kookyHornFlag=1' and the value of 'showHiddenTrack' from 0 to 666. ie from 'showHiddenTrack=0' to 'showHiddenTrack=666'

5. Save the changes in the 'monster.ini' file and close it.

6. Start Monster Truck Madness 2, and you will find the 'Torture Pit' track. Also, start any race and honk your horn... There are several weird horns

P.S: There are many values you can change in the 'monster.ini' file to get many interesting tidbits. There is a string 'showHiddenTruck=0'. I tried to mess with it but i got no hidden truck. If anyone can work this out please let me know...

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-06-2005
Reviewed By: DomFeargrieve, Techneon
Special Requirements: Pc with Microsoft Monster Truck Madness 2 installed and active speakers
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