Sandler, Adam Easter Egg - Adam and the Letter V

In many of Adam Sandler's movies, his love interest usually has 1 or more initials of "V". Examples:

Happy Gilmore: Virginia Venit
Billy Madison: Veronica Vaughn
The Waterboy: Vicki Vallencourt


Little Nicky: Valerie Horan
Big Daddy: Vanessa

I do not know why this is, all i can find is that he has an older sister named Valerie.

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Contributed By: Sparky on 06-22-2005
Reviewed By: butterhoney12, Techneon
Special Requirements: Included in most movies where Adam Sandler has a love interest.
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DellowMan writes:
Chatterbox... Not that you said anything terribly wrong, but, I live in near Rochester, where Kodak was founded. The founder is Geroge Eastman. Mr. Eastman chose the letter 'K' because his mothers maiden name was 'Kilbourn'. This was how George Eastman attrubuted his mother. Just adding to your theory that there is probably no coincidence and that, in fact, Adam Sandler probably did use a similar method.
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DellowMan writes:
Hey all... Just to further provide some insight to the significance of this egg... After commenting on Chatterbox's comment about George Eastman I sought to research if in fact Adam Sandler was paying homage to a relative. He actually has a younger sister named Valerie. This may explain the reaccuring 'V' in all his movies. Hope that helps...
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Amber writes:
This sounds a lot like Alfred Hitchcock's preoccupation with the letter M: [Dial M for Murder] Margot Mary Wendice Mark Halliday [Psycho] Marion Crane Milton Arbogast Mother (not sure if that counts..) [Marnie] Marnie Edgar Mark Rutland [The Birds] Melanie Daniels Mitch Brenner Mrs. MacGruder Deputy Al Malone [Vertigo] Madeleine Elster [Strangers on a Train] The Morton's Miriam Joyce Haines [The Man Who Knew Too Much] The McKenna's [The Wrong Man] "Manny" Balestrero Det. Matthews "Mama" Balestrero [Topaz] Michele Picard Michael Nordstrom McKittreck Claude Martin [Under Capricorn] Milly Dr. Mcallister There are many more. You just have to research it... the obsession is there! I've read that this is closely related to his studies of Charles Dickens, who was also fond of the letter M when it came to naming characters in order to link them to his wife's deceased sister, Mary. Through Dickens' works, the women had a pure, innocent soul (as the Virgin Mary, perhaps?) but Hitchcock's use of the letter M is quite the opposite. Each of his female lead characters (Marion, Marnie, Madeleine, etc.) possess a certain flaw that causes them to be evil in some way. They are women of trickery and sexuality. They all, too, closely resembled a Barbie doll... or Marilyn Monroe, the sex symbol of the 1950's. Still, I'm not sure if there was a relative, friend, etc. that contributed Hitchcock's "M" fascination.
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DellowMan writes:
WOW Amber! Much Kudos to you! That was amazing! lol. Good hunting!
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Chatterbox writes:
No, I don't think this is coincidence. Maybe it's like thje guy who started Kodak. He chose the letter K to start it because he liked it. Good finding.
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Jake_Davis writes:
This isn't so much an easter egg as it is a string of coincedences.
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