Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Easter Egg - Cheat codes (NOT AN EGG)

Here are some cheat codes for the best Star Wars game ever:

First, to acess cheat codes, hold down SHIFT and press the ` (behind number 1) so it comes out as ~. The console should come up. Type into the console "devmapall" without the quotation marks. Then you can enter the cheat codes.

Enter UNDYING to get 999 lives.

Enter GOD to enter godmode so you cannot die

Enter NOCLIP to fly through walls and the ceilings. Very useful for getting around a level. :-)

You can even change the color of your lightsaber. Enter SABERCOLOR X, where X is the color you want your saber to be. The colors you can have are: red, blue, green, orange, yellow, and purple.

Enter NPC SPAWN X, where X is the thing you want to spawn. Typing in NPC SPAWN DESANN will create a desann out of thin air so you can train your combat skills. Typing in NPC SPAWN REBEL will create a rebel soldier. You can even do NPC SPAWN R2D2, I think. Experiment with this, I think you can do it with over 100 characters.

Enter TAUNT to taunt your opponent (must be in 3rd person mode). Your lightsaber/gun will spin in your hand. Some Sith do it in the game.

Enter THEREISNOSPOON to get a Max Payne style bullet-time. (Must be in 1st person mode). If you do this in 3rd person mode the camera will spin and show your character from 360 degrees.

To change your Force Skills, its simple. Say you wanted to upgrade your Force Lightning. You type in SETFORCELIGHTNING X, where X is the amount of experience you want. The higher the experience the better you are at it.

If you want to set all your Force Skills, type in SETFORCEALL X, where X is...[see paragraph above]

Wanna crush your opponents in mutliplayer mode? You should use a Double-Bladed Saber. To get one, (1) start a multiplayer game. Then (2) activate and deactivate your lightsaber. Then (3) activate the cheat code console and type in DEVMAP FFA_YAVIN. You do not have to type in devmapall. Finally (4) type in /THEDESTROYER in the console, and hit enter. Enjoy!! (WARNING: DOES NOT WORK IN SINGLE PLAYER MODE)

Type GIVE ALL for 100 health, 100 shield, all weapons, and all Force Powers. Plus you get full ammo for all weapons.

Type GIVE HEALTH to fully restore your stamina.

Type GIVE ARMOR to fully restore your shield power.

Type GIVE AMMO to restore all ammo for weapons.

Type KILL to kill yourself.

Type GIVE FORCE for all Force Powers.

Type GIVE X Y, where X is the item you want. You instantly get that item. Y is the quanity of the item.

Type G_SABERREALISTICCOMBAT 3 to brutally kill your enemies.

Type DRIVE_ATST to drive an AT-ST.

Type FLY_XWING to crash the game.

Type MAP X to teleport to a different level of the game, where X is the level you want. Example: Entering MAP YAVIN_FINAL will take you to the final level of the game.

Entering cheats too annoying for you? Why not create shortcuts? To do this, enter this cheat into the console: BIND X Y, where X is the key you want to press to activate the cheat. Y is the cheat you want to activate when the key is pressed. For example, typing BIND S NOCLIP will bind the key S with noclip. So if you press S, noclip will be activated. WARNING: Binding a key that already has a use in the game will erase the use. To fix this go to the control screen at the main menu and re-place the use.

Kill a character easily: Enter the cheat SETFORCEALL 1138. Then use Force Mind Trick on an opponent. You will possess them! Then you can just jump off a cliff and they'll be dead!

Hopefully all these cheats will help you in the game. Remember--the only cheat that can be used in multiplayer mode is the double-bladed saber one. And remember--the double-bladed saber cheat doens't work in single player mode. ENJOY.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-18-2005
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Actually, the double-bladed saber cheat it only works if you DON'T have your lightsaber ignited when you type in /THEDESTROYER
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feelingzen writes:
The npc feature also has more then the spawn feature. After typing in the devmapall code, if you type in "NPC"(without quotes) by itself you can see some of the other features offered. There is "NPC SCORE" (without quotes) that will show you what type of guys you have killed. There is the "NPC SHOWBOUNDS" that show the boundries of all npc chacters. My absolute favorite is not listed that is typing in "NPC KILL ALL" this will kill everyone that is not you. You must be careful because this will also kill character like Jan, Lando and the R5-D2 unit. If you like to Spawn characters but do not know their official name this feature is great to use. Go to the level of the character that you want to spawn. Type in "NPC KILL ALL" then use the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN buttons to view the results of kill all. You will see statements like "removing NPC SPAWNER imperial named bay2. The name right after spawner is the name you want type in to spawn a character. For the example it would be "NPC SPAWN IMPERIAL." These codes also work if you have their special DEMO disk that has a unique lever all it's own. This disk however does not have all the graphics so if you spawn Luke you will have Luke but he will be a stormtrooper. Also not all graphics for weapons are in the demo so if you use "give all" and try to use one of the higher weapons it will crash the game.
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Noodle writes:
Why are you posting cheats on an easter eggs website?
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wesley58 writes:
ummmmmm noodles we are allowed to put cheats codes on this site when you go to "add an egg" it says you are allowed ok so you are allowed ok
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