Lion King 1 1/2, The Easter Egg - Loads of Hidden Mickeys

Here are loads Hidden Mickeys hidden throughout the film
- In the opening sequence when Timon + Pumbaa are skipping throughout the movie and they stop because some Hyeans come up on the screen, some smoke on the left hand side of the screen form to make a Mickey Head
- In the song "Dig a Tunnel", in a part of the song where some Meerkats dig through the ceiling of a tunnel, some rocks in the background are placed together to look like a Mickey mouse head
- When Timon leaves his Mom and begins crying, some stars in the sky form a Mickey Mouse Head
- In the scene where Timon and Pumbaa first meet and the camera cuts down to Timon, there is a hidden Mickey shaped by cracks near Timon's feet
- When Timon and Pumbaa move to their second home (after the "Big Pointy Rock") and they both go to sleep and the camera zooms out of the house, some rocks near the water are formed to make a Mickey Head
- When they find their "Dream Home" (after they fall down the waterfall scene), Pumbaa says he is going to "whip up a little something", some cracks on the table he is cooking on are shaped like a Mickey head
- After Timon and Pumbaa rescue Simba and walk off into the Background, some cracks on the floor are shaped like a Mickey head
- When Timon and Pumbaa say Simba can sleep with them and the camera zooms out and we see trees, one is shaped like a Mickey Head
- After the "Sunrise, Sunest" montage, when they are hanging in vines, a tree below Simba is shaped like Mickey
- Before Timon does the hula and we see a shot of a canyon, some cracks at the side of said canyon are shaped like a Mickey head
- The final one is when Mickey takes his seat in the silhouette theater at the end (The DVD counts this)
There are some more, but they are very hard to explain and write down

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-15-2005
Reviewed By: butterhoney12, DomFeargrieve
Special Requirements: Lion King 3 or 1 1/2 DVD, DVD Remote
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