Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Easter Egg - The 2 Marvins

When Arthur, Ford and Zaphod go to Vogsphere and have to stand in a queue. In the queue is a large, metal robot. This is the Marvin model from the old BBC version of HHGTTG. He is best seen when Arthur mentions Zaphod to the receptionist. There is a shot of a picture of Zaphod on the wall. The old Marvin is the only other thing in the shot.

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Contributed By: Wallamanage on 05-24-2005
Reviewed By: Annette, Gamer Sly-Ratchet
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original BBC Marvin Old Marvin
original BBC Marvin Old Marvin

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mako writes:
Sonic is right. Watched this film the other day and recognised alot of the creatures in the cue. I thought they might've all appeared in the original TV series at one point or another (may some were at the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe which was visited in the TV show). Or maybe they're BBC props from Dr Who and the like. Definitely seen the Brown Furry creature and the White creature with eyes on small stalks.
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sonic writes:
Apparently that queue holds many references to other sci-fi, you-know, like a thing from star wars here, a droid from star trek there. That kind of thing. don't know for sure. Watch it again and see if you can spot any more. I can't be bothered. Not that I dislike the movie. It was excelent. I'm just a bit lazy, thats all.
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anamull writes:
True! I thought it was pretty cool really!
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Wallamanage writes:
NO!! I'm a lazy arse too. Plus I don't watch much sci-fi. Only HHGTTG because it's very funny.
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