Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Easter Egg - Douglas Adams Tribute in the Heart of Gold

Not much to this since I haven't actually seen the movie yet, but in the blue ring on the Heart of Gold that shows the history of the Infinite Improbability Drive, one scene on the ring depicts the part about the phase where it was deemed that the only use would be a conversation piece at a party *IE teleporting a hostess' undergarments one foot to the left. The man standing in front of the hostess with a smart-alecky smile is none other than the dearly missed Douglas Adams (If you don't know who this is, you deserved to be flogged by a towel...42 times.)

It can also be seen at: http://www.thefilmfactory.co.uk/hitchhikers/global/index.html?countryID=&section=&datastr=&
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Kya writes:
HA! That is hilarious. And It's True. That is Douglas Adams! I love all the books, I've read them a zillion or more times (because I am a complete nerd with too much time on her hands!) and I have seen a photo of him. That is him!
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Araeis writes:
that DEFINITELY is Douglas Adams.
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Indigo_Doll writes:
yes it's him, but it's not really an Easter Egg as they talk about it in the Extras/Commentary. There are several tributes to Douglas in the film which went into pre-production before he died but, sadly he had died before it was put into actual production.
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raiden writes:
I don't know if these are linked, but in the philosophical intelligent design argument it says how improbable the human eye is... THE HEART OF GOLD IS SHAPED LIKE AN EYE AND IS IMPROBABLE!!!
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When did they film the movie? According to IMDB, he died in 2001, the movie came out in 2005. Not sure when they started filming, but that is a LONG time between filming and release, even with special effects. Lord of The Rings didn't even take that long for each film to do special effects. So are we really sure that's him??
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