Half-Life 2 Easter Egg - Vortigon Babble

I know an easter egg has already been registered here that allows you to get stange talk out of our alein freinds, but this one is much easier and doesn't require no-clipping (i.e. it's more genuine (sorry, but it is)).

After defeating the hunter chopper at the dam, open the gate by the building to let you and your hover craft through. move straight forward till you come to two grated pipe ends sticking out a rock face. The grating on one is damaged and so if you park your hovercraft beside it and jump ontop, you can get into the pipe. move along the pipe to the room at the end where there is a vortigon by a fire with some wise words and some bonuses scattered around.

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Contributed By: sonic on 06-14-2005
Reviewed By: butterhoney12, DomFeargrieve
Special Requirements: just half-life 2
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HL2 Vortigon babble image
HL2 Vortigon babble image

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Shfourd writes:
It's easier to use noclip as you neglected to say that the pipe is ridiculously high and there's like one barrel and it's hard to use that. Also, the pipe is filled with toxic waste which will get you to at least half health by the time you get to the vortiguant. Thankfully, theres a couple of medkits and some ammo with the vortigaunt.
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Mr.Sand writes:
If you notice the vortigont ( I would spell it right but eggs wont let me) is also cooking a head crab on a stick. I found this one out because it is an X-box 360 achievement.
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Gordon Dash writes:
I do not think that this can be considered an easter egg, since you get an achievement on Steam for it. Just saying.
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