Halo 2 Easter Egg - The Giant Soccerball

Ok, I was doodling around when I saw this egg.

1. You have to find the sputnik skull on level Quarentine Zone (legendary). how to get it: Start the level and turn around directly behind you. there will be a tunnel. Go through it and go all the way to the back of the battle field. when you get to the wall, wall hug the wall and start walking right. you will then come to a ledge with a tiny width of land. keep walking on that ledge until the end of the ledge. there should be a skull floating and when u pick it up it will say sputnik. (to get rid of sputnik, turn of your xbox and restart.)

2. OK, once you have got sputnik skull press save and quit.

3. Now start the Metropolis level with any difficulty.

NOTE: When you start you must kill ALL of the marines.

4. Now go about halfway across the bridge and then the other marines start coming across the ledge on the right of the bridge... Kill them

5. Now you are at the end of the bridge when Cortana says, "Well that's a nice welcome" or something like that. There will be three banshees in the air and like 5 ghosts coming out. Kill all ghosts except one and highjack the last ghost.

6. Now shoot two of the three banshees in the air and leave one flying. Start leading him into the tunnel by shooting at him periodically. NOTE: if you came too close to the banshee it will fly away.

7. Now when you come to that one bend in the tunnel and the warthog comes out, shoot the warthog until it blows up (so it kills all the marines). NOTE: Be sure to always look back to see if the banshee is following you because sometimes he can dissapear.

8. Now go across the first barrier and kill all the aliens. (Sometimes the banshee will get stuck in corners so when that happens stand about ten fight behind him and he will come out.)

9. Now this is the tricky part. Lead the banshee into that red tunnel. (The banshee will act drunk by crashing into everything in the room) then dont go into that circular tunnel yet once you have the banshee in the room. NOTE: If you go in the circular tunnel before the banshee and it says load, the banshee will disapear. once it seems to want to go into the tunnel you might have to shoot the tail wings but BE CAREFUL you dont want to blow it up (remember you have sputnik which makes bunches and attacks stronger)

10. Once it's in the circular tunnel, quickly jump and highjack because once you enter the circular tunnel, you have like two seconds to get on. once you have highjacked the banshee you can fly out of the tunnel.

OPTIONAL: If you want to get the ultimate scarab gun, then once you fly out of the tunnel, if you look diagonally up left, you will see two bridges. Fly to the first one that comes to you. In the middle of the bridge there will be what looks like a covenant assault rifle on top of a cone. but once you pick up the gun you have the ultimate scarab gun!!!

11. Fly dow to where you would normally go and kill all those mean aliens. once you go onto that street like thing (remember to bring your banshee with you) you will see straight ahead of you that there is a building with broken glass. NOTE: there is actually two buildings with broken glass so take the one that is higher. if that isnt the one then try the other building.

12. Now once you are in the right building, around the corner on the left will be a giant soccer ball that you can use your canon beam on your banshee to shoot with. one time when i was playing around with the ball it went like 50 feet high!!!


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Contributed By: Anonymous on 05-24-2005
Reviewed By: Annette
Special Requirements: just halo 2, and an xbox (ofcourse)
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soccerball banshee flying around in metropolis
soccerball banshee flying around in metropolis

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Jake_Davis writes:
Images are too blurry.
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vash writes:
Thank you so much! I have been trying forever to get that ball out!
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i was here writes:
I also remember a giant soccerball in midtown madness 3. i found it on xbox. in paris, I think, there is a soccer field somewhere and in the middle of it is a soccerball. yes, i don't give good enough directions, but it was a while ago and i have forgotten exact instructions
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Neon 90 writes:
This egg is the greatest. My mate and I spent 2hrs getting the banshee through the tunnels. If you do get the ultimate scarab gun use it to knock the giant soccer ball around, great for knocking down enemy covenent
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thr reverend writes:
You don't need the Banshee to get the ball. You can just steal the Scorpion tank before the Scarab blows it up, and drive it up the glass wall under the ball, then jump on top of the tank to get in the girder-room. Or you can steal an Wraith tank and have your co-op partner ram you up into the girder-room. The Blackeye skull makes this easier.
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thr reverend writes:
Just get Sputnik and grenade jump up. Much easier
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andrew writes:
so do you think that bungie would *intentionally* make it so we *have* to glitch the game in order to get that one secret waaaay up on the bridge? Here's a theory: the soccer ball has something to do with getting that gun. 'Cuz you CAN get the soccer ball without getting the banshee back there... I actually just stumbled across it not more than twenty minutes ago, BECAUSE I was looking for the way up without glitching the game. There has to be a way, and at this point, I'm almost convinced that the soccer ball is the key to the scarab gun. Has anyone ever looked up from where the ball is? several floors on the blown up building AND several more layers of broken girders that look like they go up some more almost directly under the bridge w/ the gun? Hmmm... Let me know what you think of this... I may be wrong, as I've never been higher than the soccer ball... I only know what I can see from below.
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lindrak writes:
Hey, i'm going to send a good photo of the soccer ball in about an hour, also try getting on to of the ball, it's funny and fun. :-)
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j writes:
I remember posting the first tutorial on here for finding this easter egg. Because
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j writes:
Sorry my last message was sent before it was complete. Anyway, I posted the first tutorial on this easter egg within weeks of Halo 2's release but, I was rather young and I do not care that a better tutorial has replaced mine. I do care about the two photos posted in this egg. I tried to upload the two pictures that are now shown, but some error occurred and they were not received by your site. I emailed your site about it and they told me that the images were not received. Rather than try again, I decided out of laziness to keep the images. But on this tutorial for the easter egg, my two images appear. I do not understand how my images made its way to this article. I am not angry, I am just shocked. I have been looking for these images to show my friend, and it was odd to see them posted on a site.
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3ggm0nk3y writes:
I fownd out another way how to got the socer ball. first u nead the skull on the level with the flood verses the robots. go throw metropoles as you were normaly, when you get to the brocen bilding granad jump up ther then thare shold be a high and a low bare. jump up on the low bare then jump on the high bare jump on the bilding and ther you are!
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jaber writes:
This took me and my friend like, 20 tries so dont get mad if you dont make it the first time.
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