Exile III: Ruined World Easter Egg - Hidden Island

On the Valorim overworld, go to x14 y452 (part of the shoreline of western Krizan province, southwest of Fort Emergence). (If you don't know how to find those coordinates, cast the 1st level priest spell Location.) Activate your orb/fly spell and fly 5 spaces west, landing on the tiny island. Make sure that the action log says You land safely. (Do this by waiting on the island until it says You land Safely in the log.) Then fly 5 more spaces to the west until you hover over the north square of a tiny island. You should get a dialog that says:
"Amazing. Out on this island, miles and miles beyond the ass end of nowhere, you've found a small, crude hut. Smoke rises from a small chimney, and a sign in front says 'GO AWAY!' Do you knock?"
If you hit no, you just move onto the square. Nothing else happens. If you hit yes (making sure you saved before you hit it), the hermit gets pissed at you (accompanied with negative effects).
To get back, follow my instructions backwards (excluding any part mentioning the hut).

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Contributed By: The Dork Cheese on 06-14-2005
Reviewed By: butterhoney12, Gamer Sly-Ratchet
Special Requirements: Orb of Thralani (or ability to fly 5 spaces at a time), Location spell
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