Half-Life 2 Easter Egg - Another Hidden Vortigaunt

This egg can be found in the final area of the level, "Water Hazard". You have just defeated the fourth Apache helicopter you have encountered, and come under the gate that you pulled up. You are now in a big area with lots of dead ends and a ramp. Before you go up the ramp if you look around you will see a wall with two circular grates (see screenshots).

If you go up to them you will see that one of them is slightly open, and if you park your hoverboat underneath it and jump onto the ledge underneath the grate you can slowly slide in.

*Note* You will need quite a bit of HEV power and nearly full health - if you're low you can just jump out of your boat and use the cheat "impulse 101".

The next part of the sewer is quite dark, and filled with radioactive waste. However, about half way down you can see a bright light on the left, and you can hear a kind of chanting.

Make sure you have maximum Auxilliary HEV suit power, and sprint through the waste (there is no other way past) and jump up onto the ledge - you will see a Vortigaunt in front of a fire where he is cooking and eating headcrabs on a fire. Go up to him and press the Use button to hear what he has to say. Some things that he says are interesting, whereas others are just plain random. There are also lots of health vials and other goodies around him, to protect you on the trip back through the waste.

Most of them are about 'the one free-man' and such, however there are references to other people, who are actually the two children of one of the creators of the game.

If you can't find it that easily you could take your time and use the cheat "noclip" to take a look at that area of the map from above. "Noclip" can also be used to bypass the radioactive waste.

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Contributed By: Ðå ßøm! on 06-12-2005
Reviewed By: Boneho Chane, Techneon
Special Requirements: Half Life 2
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Pictures and Videos

in the cave A helpful guide for those who were as clueless as I was. A bit closer...
in the cave A helpful guide for those who were as clueless as I was. A bit closer...
The entrance itself.
The entrance itself.

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I added some pictures for you, in case you had as hard a time finding it as I did. Cheers!
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1: That egg was already posted. 2: The hellicopter is not an Apache. 3: I got to say, those are some good pictures ;D
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