Incredibles, The Easter Egg - Hidden Clips on Disc 2

Insert the Disc 2 DVD into the DVD player with the TV on. Go to the main menu. At the main menu do not do anything, wait for 30 seconds. After a little time a small picture of the "Omnidroid" appears at the top right hand corner of the screen. Arrow up to select the "Omnidroid" and press Enter, a short clip will play. There are at least 15 clips hidden at virtually all of the submenus also, including set-up, deleted scenes etc. Some menus will play more than one clip, and is worth trying twice. I have not seen any with three though. To play the clips at the sub-menus select the sub-menu and follow the steps above.

Some of the clips are: a 4 minute production of the movie with sock puppets; shorts of Mr. Incredible, Dash, and Frozone; the artists messing around in the studio; a black and white animation of dash messing with the teacher and placing the tack on his chair; also some history clips to name a few.

These are great, Enjoy.


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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-26-2005
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Special Requirements: The Incredibles DVD with second disc containing the "Jack Jack Atack"
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Index Screen
Index Screen

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Patience seems to be the name of the game here! There's also a hidden item on disc 1. Here's a list of all the hidden items I've found. Disc 1: Select Commentaries from the main menu. (Note the music that plays behind the Commentaries menu while you're waiting.) After a while, a silhouette of Mr. Incredible will appear at the bottom right. Select this and a short clip of Mr. Incredible putting on a record and dancing to it will be shown. (The music is, I think, a variation on the music playing for the menu, though different key and tempo. It has a certain similarity to "Puttin' on the Ritz", though I think it's original.) Disc 2: For all of these you must wait for the Omnidroid icon to appear at the top right of the screen, then select it. On some menus, particularly the "Behind the Scenes" one, the wait is quite a long one. Where there are 2 items listed, it seems that they play in rotation i.e. the first time you select the droid, you get the first clip, the second time, the second clip then the first one again and so on. Main Menu: A clip about the Buttons and Doors in the film. Deleted Scenes: Storyboard sequence about Dash and the teacher (Bernie). Behind the Scenes: (1) Tribute to Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. (2) Markisms (the activities of one of the animators). More Making of The Incredibles: (1) Alternative endings for Dash's fight on the spinner. (2) Various versions of Mr. Incredible throwing the coconut? at thee guard. Publicity: (1) Mr. Incredible and Dash fight over the TV remote control. (2) Mr. Incredible and Frozone fight over the TV remote control. Index 1: (1) Cake eating. (2) Sock puppet version of the movie. Index 2: Guy on a scooter being sabotaged (in the Pixar studios, I assume). Those are all that I could find - any more anyone? Enjoy! The Archivist.
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phynyxmovie writes:
The sock puppet video is not where it is actually listed above. You have to go into 'Setup' and wait for the omnidroid. Very funny clip.
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I have found there is a better way to get to these eggs than to simply wait a long time for the icon to appear. You can scroll through the options, in other words keep hitting down on the remote going through all the options, by the third time through you get the icon in the upper right corner, now hit right on the remote and then enter and you are there.
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S-man writes:
Thanks so much for specifying that the TV needed to be on. I was trying to watch the movie with the TV off and I was wondering why it wasn't working.
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Sage writes:
The appearance of the omnidroid doesn't have anything to do with arrowing down through the menu three times - there's an animation that loops in the background of each menu and the omnidroid appears at the end of each loop. There is no visual animation on the index menu (outside of the omnidroid's appearance), but you can hear the audio loop.
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Koison writes:
PIXAR went really all-out on the easter eggs here. There are tons. I am 100% sure there are some we haven't found yet!
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