Half-Life 2 Easter Egg - Celebrity Reference

In the "Black Mesa East" segment, just after Judith unlocks the door for you (just before the elevator) when you look down the tunnel through the chain link fence you will see a citizen walking away from you. Flip on noclip and pass through the fence to follow him. Once he gets down to the "T" at the end of the tunnel he begins pacing back and forth. If you look closely this character bears a striking resemblance to David Blaine, the magician. To further support this, at both ends of his path he stops and hovers several inches off the ground momentarily. At first this looks like a bug but when combined with the fact that one of Blaine's more infamous "Street Magic" illusions involves hovering a few inches off the ground this is definitely an intentional egg.

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Contributed By: Wyld on 03-30-2005
Reviewed By: Loginer, Awabdesu
Special Requirements: 'Half-life 2' Computer Game
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Patrick K. writes:
This hardly looks anything like Blaine, and he only hovers due to fact that the programmers didn't think the player would venture back this way, and thusly didn't take the time to ensure he was standing squarely on the ground. This is NOT an egg.
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legofan94 writes:
Uh your wrong dude.This is definitely David Blaine. there has been wikipedia discussions about this, and valve's developers have said this is him. sorry for bursting your bubble /=)
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Yes, this is obviously intentional and not a bug. Compare what the Vourtigaunt that crosses this guy's path does (just walks past the hallway and stops) and what this citizen does (repeatedly walks from one end of the room to the other, stopping only to hover off the ground for a second or two at each end.
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