Track & Field (Konami, arcade) Easter Egg - Hidden Features

Play up to the Javelin event. Anybody with a liking of Konami's Track & Field can attest to the fact that the javelin can be thrown such that it goes off the top of the screen and wrap around to the bottom.

However, somewhere in the ceiling of the stadium, hidden above the top of the screen, there is a small tentacled creature that, when hit with your javelin, plummets to the stadium floor--revealing the programmer's initials in Japanese and scoring you 1,000 points.

If you have MAME (about the only place to see this rare coin-op nowadays), it helps to enable cheats and use the 'Run Like Hell' cheat.

From anywhere behind the foul line, throw your javelin at at maximum angle - you will need to be travelling fast - with all but the top 2 or 3 blocks of the speed bar filled.
It will only work once per round per player, and it will not work on a foul throw.

There are similar easter eggs in other events - in the track events, if you get exactly the same time as your opponent, a guy will run across the back of the screen carrying a golden key - you'll be awarded 1000 points.

In the long jump, if you manage to jump EXACTLY at the very edge of the board, a little brown critter ( a mole?) will appear from out of the ground and you'll be awarded 1000 points - this one is very hard to get - I've only managed it a couple of times.

In the high jump, if you foul your first two jumps at the first height, and then manage to make all of your next jumps until you clear the qualifying height, the little brown critter comes back and awards you with another 100 points - this one's pretty easy.

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Contributed By: Corsair2 on 03-30-2005
Reviewed By: Loginer, Awabdesu
Special Requirements: 'Konami's Track & Field' Arcade Game
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MagicKoen writes:
Can you tell me how to activate the Run-Like-Hell cheat in this game? Thx
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