i-Top Electronic Spinning Top Easter Egg - Hidden Modes

As well as the normal four games, the i-Top has some hidden surprises.

To access these hidden features:

Press MODE button until the first LED is lit.
Hold down the PLAY and MODE buttons simultaneously for at least two seconds.
Release the PLAY and MODE buttons simultaneously.
The 8 LEDS should each light up in turn, and the first LED should now flash rapidly.
You can now display 7 new hidden features:

1. Compass mode
2. Pattern
3. Pattern
4. Pattern
5. UFO
6. Flower
7. Random number of lines
8. Displays LATER and then turns off

The compass mode seems to be an actual real compass that shows Magnetic North.

User Rating:
  6.7/10 with 42 votes
Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-16-2005
Reviewed By: Gamer Sly-Ratchet, Awabdesu
Special Requirements: Any i-Top
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Pictures and Videos

Compass mode
Compass mode

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If you want to reply, Does this also work on the I-top Pro. I was thinking about getting one and I was just wondering. -Brandon Starr Agent:23990
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i was here writes:
mine isn't working. i found it underneath the couch, which would probably mean something. but, i have tried it before. trust me, it works.
3 of 5 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
Aang writes:
Cool! I wish I had an I-top.
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