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It's a well known fact that George Lucas mentions THX-1138 again and again in his films. However, did you notice that in both Star Wars trilogies (old and new) the surname Antilles is sometimes repeated for different characters? The first instance occurs in The Phantom Menace (1999). We are told by one of the Queen's soldiers that Bail Antilles is the other nominee to become Chancellor. In A New Hope (1977) C-3PO tells Luke that his last master was captain Antilles. Another reference to this name is that of one of the Rebel fighter pilots, Wedge Antilles, who appears in every film in the original trilogy. (George Lucas is not the only director to re-use names. The names "Reese and Foley" appear in many Robert Zemeckis films, including Back to The Future II). So why does George Lucas do this? Is the name Antilles also used in Episodes II and III? If so, I haven't found it!

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-24-2005
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Special Requirements: Star Wars I, IV , V and VI Films
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No, Bail Organa and Bail Antiles are completly different entities.
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One Eye writes:
Actually, Bail's name is Organa. He will be the one who adopts Leia (possibly during Episode 3). Thus "Princess Leia Organa".
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Pie is good writes:
How is that an egg? It's the same universe so George is using a name more than once in the movies. There is more than one Bob on the planet earth so in Star Wars there is going to be more than one person with the name Antilles. I don't think the mentioning of the same name in these two films can be called an egg. It's not even very hidden.
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