No One Lives Forever 2 Easter Egg - Rabbit Room

All you need to do is in the level in India I can't really remember the name you have to go through a room that will slam spikes on you from the celling and you have to get on the other side to the safe. You can not go through the right way or it won't happen instead take bodies of the guards and throw them into the room activating the individual sections of spikes once done run across and on to a square in the middle of the room you won't really see it so just run through the middle it is on the floor and is the same colr as the floor but it is there . You will be lowered incredibaly fast into a room filled with what else but rabbits then be zipped back up possibly a trap that was made but forgoten about. p.s mite take alot of trys so be persitent good luck

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  2.8/10 with 13 votes
Contributed By: Anonymous on 03-21-2005
Reviewed By: Gamer Sly-Ratchet, Loginer
Special Requirements: the game and some decent skills
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pilot29 writes:
Yes it works!! Floor suddenly goes down and you find yourself in a room with 5-6 rabbits. The problem is that there you can't walk and you can't shoot those rabbits if you want for fun!!!!
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PCG342 writes:
Um. No offense... but this isn't an egg. It's right in the game. In fact, you get an intelligence item about this, if I recall correctly. Also, you don't need to throw bodies on the squares in the room. Some careful inching along those lighter sections of the floor between the large pressure-sensitive tiles will also save your life. In any case... this isn't a real egg.
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Roboticexile writes:
you don't need to throw bodies to get across the room, you turn play witht the light fittings on the pillars to the left when you go into the room
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