Morrowind Easter Egg - Bone of Pop Je, Ashes of Various People, Etc

in an burial chamber somewhere east of dagon fel, the place is known as senim ancestral tomb and you will find a corpse at the end of it with "a bone from pop je" pop je was a developer who died before the game was finished

nord in mournhold. there's a nord in plaza brindisi mournhold. he's half naked and when you talk to him, he assures you that he was not seduced by a witch. this is a joke as in the original game, there were 3 half naked nords that get seduced by witches that you need to help

Meteor slime
At Jobasha's Rare Bookshop in Vivec, Foreign Quarter, go to the very back of the store, where Jobasha is usually standing. On the top shelf of one of the bookshelves sits Charles the Plant; Charles contains the Meteor Slime. (Charles the Plant is also a reference to the classic video game Maniac Mansion, and the slime it contains is a reference to the game’s antagonist.)

ashes of lord brinne
in one of the ancestral tombs near seyda neen, you will find the ashes of lord brinne. lord brinne was the online handle of an rpg fan that committed suicide (note that there are 2 other sets of ashes but i do know what they refer to)

Peke utchoo (get it? pikachu?)
found in the mudan grotto, south south west of ebonheart. apparently the idiot drank some poison thinking it was a restore health potion... then again, what do you expect from a stupid little rat?

and there are alot more that i cant remember rite now...

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