Lest We Forget (Marilyn Manson - Bonus DVD) Easter Egg - 3 Hidden Videos + 3 Menu Themes

These apply to the UK version of the DVD, but they seem to also appear on the pre-ordered US version (with "(s)AINT" and "Personal Jesus").

"Autopsy" Video: Go to "Special Features", select "Photo Gallery", and press left. You should highlight a box with the text "AUTOPSY" inside; select this to begin the video.

"Making Of mOBSCENE": Browse to the GAOG videos, highlight "Next Album", and press right. You'll see the MM symbol. Select it.

"Disposable Teens (Performance Version)": Browse to the Holywood videos, highlight "The Fight Song", and press left, then select. This video is the footage of the band's performance you see in the other version, without the added cuts stuffed in.

Alternate Menu Screens: By browsing through different album era's video catalogs and exiting back to the menu screen, you can alter the layout completely. Exiting via the "Holywood" or the "Antichrist Superstar" index gives you a Holywood theme, "Mechanical Animals" and "GAOG" gives you a GAOG theme, while "EPs, etc" or "Portrait Of An American Family" grants you the default "Lest We Forget" theme. Curiously, selecting "Special Features" with the Holywood theme has the same function as selecting "Play All".

The 3 videos can also be accessed by manually browsing to their chapters:
Ch.21 - "Making of mOBSCENE" (12 sub-chapters)
Ch.22 - "Disposable Teens (Performance Version)"
Ch.28 - "Autopsy"

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Contributed By: monkeyfukka on 10-24-2004
Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster, sars
Special Requirements: Marilyn Manson's "Lest We Forget" album Bonus DVD
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