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Ok, this is a good OLD one. Watch "A Christmas Story", up to the part where Ralphie and Randy are going on line to see Santa. They get on line, and a gentleman directs them to the end of the line. The gentleman in question is Jean Shepard, the writer of the novel on which the movie is based. He also narrates the movie, so it's not exactly a hard one to pick out.

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Contributed By: superchris50 on 11-23-1999
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rintaro writes:
i saw the movie in the theater when it was first released (what was that, 1984 or so?) and it definitely said "fudge". that fact made that particular bit even more hilarious to my friends and i. we STILL refer to that movie!!
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Gandolf2k1 writes:
I doubt that he really said f*ck in the original, because the narration right after that says something like, "Only I didn't say fudge, I said the f dash dash dash word."
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There's another scene in which Ralphie is beating up the bully, and I saw this scene on a big screen in the Wherehouse one holiday season. The narration mentions that he uses every swear word he had heard his father uses, and I could have sworn (no pun intended) that Ralphie said "Motherf*ckin'" in his rant. But when I saw it on video at home, it was a bunch of angry gibberish, not unlike Joe Pesci says in "Home Alone." Sorry this has nothing to do with the egg, but I thought I might contribute a bit to the theory that there were swears in the original.
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Anna writes:
i don't really understand what is being debated. Is it that when filming Ralfie says the f word? Because he probably didn't because then they have to go back and dub in fudge. That is a pain in the butt to do and can take all day so they probably made him say fudge.
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