Animal Crossing Easter Egg - Various Hints & Cheats (NOT AN EGG)

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(requires 2 shovels) Find a glowing spot in the ground. Dig it up with one of the shovels and bury the other in the hole. A golden tree will sprout. In about a week or so, shake the tree and a golden shovel will come out (only 1 ever per tree). The golden shovel will dig up money most of the time (wherever you dig)


Use the same method as the golden shovel, but instead bury the money that comes out of the hole


Here's a real easter egg from the days of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Remember when you saw a red rock and hit it with your sword, money would come out? That happens in Animal Crossing too. There is only 1 money rock a day though...
OK. Find a rock and stand below it. Dig one hole behind you and one to your right. (if there is a tree at the corner use that as one hole and dig the other behind you) Then face the hole and press A. If the rock turns red, keep pressing A, if it doesn't, then try a different rock.


First, plug the gameboy into the gamecube with the link cable (use controller port 2.) Then (if there is any) put all fruit and tools into your pockets. The fruit can not be one native to your town (i.e. it must be one that Tom Nook will pay 500 Bells for, not 100.) The tools are shovel, fishing rod and bug-catching net. Then go to the dock and take a ride out to the island. Drop all the fruit and tools that you have on the ground, and also shake all the coconut trees. Then leave the island, and say YES to Kapp'n when he asks if you want to take a record of the island.

After it has loaded onto the Gameboy, press A (on the gameboy) Press A again to zoom in. Move the hand to the animal's door and press A. (A is most commands, like Pick Up, Come Here, Drop etc.) Pick up the pieces of fruit and give them to her, she will drop a lot of bags of money. If you want items, give her some pieces of fruit until the music beat changes, then Pick Up the fishing rod, drop it next to your animal and he/she will pick it up. Then call the animal to the side of the island and keep pressing A. She will eventually start fishing. If she finds a treasure chest, it is wallpaper, clothing or carpet, a gyroid symbol is a gyroid that you can put in your house and a leaf is furniture. If she has items that you want, give her fruit and she will drop them. If a flying symbol that's changing goes past, quickly give her the net and tap on the item repeatedly. And give her the shovel and she will dig when she wants to.

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Contributed By: Jezza on 09-05-2004
Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster, Boneho Chane
Special Requirements: Animal Crossing on the GameCube and for the ISLAND CHEATS, a gameboy advance with fully charged batteries and a GameCube-Gameboy Advance link cable.
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