Max Payne 2 Easter Egg - 'Late Goodbye' References

After you finish the game, a song called "Late Goodbye" by Poets of the Fall plays during the credit scroll. But you don't have to finish the game to hear the song! The developers inserted clips from the song in at least two chapters.

In Part 1 Chapter 4, you track down a character, Ed the janitor, for a certain pass code. If you hang around Ed after the cut scene, he will start to sing along to the music in his headphones, which happens to be "Late Goodbye."

In Part 1, Chapter 7, the high rise apartment building, you come across bands of killers masquerading as cleaners. In the fourth apartment you enter, descend the stairs to the first level. As you descend the stairs, one of the cleaners starts to bang away on the piano: yep, its "Late Goodbye."

Also in Part 1, on Chapter 7: When you arrive at Mona's Place in the Fun House, she is in the shower singing "Late Goodbye" if you wait a little you can hear she saying to her self that she is no singer.

What's cool about this is that, unless you're familiar with Poets of the Fall, you won't get these references until you finish the game and start playing on Hard-Boiled difficulty.

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Contributed By: Morlam on 09-09-2004
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Snake writes:
When you first track down Mona in the abandoned "Address Unknown" amusement building, near the end of the level she's singing "Late Goodbye". You might not have been paying more attention to something else in that scene though
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Hear this, in the chapters ''the depths of my brain'' and ''there's no us in this'' you'll first go in same place (max's flat) if you look ground near TV you will see CD cases writing on them 'LATE GOODBYE''
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