Pokemon Easter Egg - Catch Mew

Have Mew without gameshark or a nintendo giveaway!
First u need 3 badges and fly!

1st go to the underground path from celadon to route 8
Leave the building but only ONE step. Press save and save. Then walk one step forward and press start QUICKLY!!!Select a pokemon that knows how to fly and fly to Cerulean!
Go to the trainer with a slowpoke. Walk in front of him.Walk
a little above him beat him!Write away,
fly to Lavender
Walk to route 8
The Start menu will pop up
Press b
Mew will appear!!It will be in level 7.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 09-01-2004
Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster, sars
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well this is what I got and poof i have mew!
well this is what I got and poof i have mew!

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Jezza writes:
Ok, just about right, but there's some other stuff that needs to be mentioned. First off, you can not have already fought the gambler in front of the underground passage to the right of Saffron or the trainer with the slowpoke in the route towards Bill's house. Now, go to the underground passage near to Lavender town (save after getting there) and walk in front of the gambler so he would normally see you. Make sure you press start before he does. Fly to Cerulean (he should see you while you're flying, this doesn't matter) Go onto the route above Cerulean and make sure you go the same way as you did before. If you are fought by ANY other trainers, then the egg will deactivate. When you get to the trainer with Slowpoke, he has to walk towards you. If you go right in front of him, then the game will freeze. After the fight fly to Lavender and walk left towards the path and close the menu that pops up. (P.S. you might find it easier to catch with Ultra Balls, and be careful, it's only something like level 11 so use a weaker pokemon)
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HyperHacker writes:
This is actually caused by a series of glitches. When you press Start repeatedly while walking, the menu comes up while you're in the middle of taking a step. You fly to another place, then when you walk to the next route the map change triggers the pause menu to appear. (I'm not sure why, but it's related to the pause-while-moving bug. Flying doesn't trigger it.) The game contains a variable that when set will trigger a battle with whatever pokémon; fighting the trainer sets this (his trainer ID is the same as Mew's Pokémon ID), but it doesn't trigger the battle because of the start menu glitch. Once the menu pops up and you clear it, the battle starts. You can also get other pokémon by fighting different trainers.
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pokedude writes:
Also it does not matter which trainer fly away from (the first trainer) the second trainer you battle is the one that decides what pokemon you will see when you return to the route. The last pokemon you battle that belongs to that trainer corresponds to another pokemon in the game and that is the pokemon you will see. The trainers that trigger mew are the Youngster with the slowpoke lv.17 near nugget bridge and the swimmer in the water in Misty's gym. Try other trainers on different routes. You might just find some rare pokemon or pokemon that aren't supposed to appear in that version of the game at all.
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Sorry, dude, but go on any Pokemon site that has glitches for R/B and you'll find that. And what trainer you fight doesn't matter. Here are the two mew glitches: Way 1: The way you said. Don't fight the gambler, fly away, fight slowpoke boy, fly to Lavender, walk to the left, level 7 mew. Way 2: Almost the same. Have a pokemon with fly, and a pokemon with a special stat of 21, and don't fight the gambler. Once you have these, follow the first step of flying away from the gambler, but this time fly anywhere and fight any trainer. It can be the Slowpoke Youngster, but it doesn't have to be. Then, beat them and fly somewhere near a Ditto. I always fly to Fuschia and go to the right. Find a wild Ditto. Make it Transform into the Pokemon with the special stat of 21. Beat it or run. Fly to Lavender, and walk to the left, and tada! This one can be done multiple times, since you don't have to fight the same trainer. Using different special stats, you can find different Pokemon.
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You can find this at www.supercoolzone.com plus millions more pokemon cheats and glitches.
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This glitch is how I got all 151 pokemon in the pokedex in my game!
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*LukeyBwoy* writes:
Try battling other trainers when doing this. You can find numerous other pokemon by doing it; you never know, if you find a pokemon you need then you might just be able to complete your pokedex!
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