Triple Trouble (Beastie Boys) Easter Egg - Hidden Closed Captions

- How to find the Egg -
In the Beastie Boys video "Triple Trouble" There is a part where the Beastie Boys go to sleep and the beat just plays on. If you turn on the closed captioning during this time, you will get some messages that are not said out loud in the video. These messages could have been put in by the band or someone else. I have seen these closed captions three times on VH1, but I never saw the video on MTV or on any other channel, so I cannot confirm weather it’s isolated to VH1 or not. I have attempted to reconstruct the messages as best as I could from the times I have seen them.

Trick or treating is fun
Especially if your a Sasquatch
He fancies himself a cowboy
(My VCR messed up a few closed captions here, I think something about the Sasquatch enjoys English muffins or something)
Loves walks on the beach
On the basketball court he thinks he is nasty
He'll slap your whack shot right out of the park
Do you love me?
I love you and I miss you.
What did you have for lunch?
Call me when you wake up.
Is this weird?
Ok, this is the part where mixy doesn’t know Where the band went.
Where did they go?
This video sucks.

- Justification for it being an egg –

I know that this egg is hidden and is entertaining. I also believe that it is personal because it seems like the band or some wise guy who put it in is making a live commentary as the video plays. This is evidenced by certain closed captions that describe what is happening in the video while it is happening. The most notable part of this commentary comes right at the very end, when the Beastie Boys' DJ (who has been spinning records throughout the video) finally turns around and realizes the band is gone. This happens right when the last three messages are displayed. That last message in particular, “This video sucks,” may be how the band or whoever hid these Closed Captions in the video actually feels about the video. This is why I believe that these messages contain that personal touch that justifies it being an eegg.

Thanks in advance for reading this far and considering this submission.

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Contributed By: Icestrike on 08-23-2004
Reviewed By: Boneho Chane, sars
Special Requirements: A Television, and possibly the ability to view VH1
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Bavi writes:
I have not seen the music video, but I have some general ideas about why the captions might be in there. Perhaps the comments in the closed captions were originally in the audio but were later removed. Usually closed captions are prepared by a special company outside of the main production house. They listen to the audio track and insert the caption data into the video. Sometimes, however, last-minute in-house changes cause certain parts of the audio track to be removed or changed, but the caption data remains from the previous version. Alternatively, maybe the comments *are* in the audio, but they are just really quiet?
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Icestrike writes:
Yes, I have thought about those possibilities. I'm pretty sure that the audio is not in there. I'm not sure if the closed captions were mistakenly left in. If anyone knows for sure leave a comment. Thanks! :) P.S. I have tried the discussion boards. The folks there gave me the courage to submit this eegg. Thanks again!
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G_VOLTT writes:
I believe the captions were intentional. Captions like these also appear in their video for "Right Right Now Now" (check out that section on this site). The first section of captions refers to what's happening in the video at that moment, ending with the line "Love, Nathanial", which refers to Nathanial Hornblower, the video's director. Both captions in this video and Right Right Now Now are intentional. And this works no matter what channel it is, as long as it can display captions, and the video is played there.
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