Max Payne 2 Easter Egg - Everyone I Touch Dies

At the end of one of Max's dreams (either the second or the first) he goes outside and has a few of his police mates shoot at him.

But just before this, when you enter the area, the camera will turn to a billboard, that was advertising a fictional product called 'Gold Touch Brandy'and in the middle it says 'The touch of Gold' .

Now, it has the person replaced with max, it says in the middle 'Everyone I touch dies'. Now, you've probably noticed this already, but, if you look a little closer, you'll realize that the bit that said 'Gold Touch Brandy' has been replaced by 'sadim'.

'sadim' is Midas backward, a person from a Greek myth . In the myth,anything Midas touched turned into to gold.

The billboard says 'Everyone I touch dies' and this is the reason why 'Midas' is backward, because Max is a Midas in reverse.

Also, here's one that doesn't match all the criteria of an egg, but i found it rather entertaining.

In Max Payne 1, in the nightclub (Ragnarok), just after you enter the building you come into a sort-of wine cellar. After you've 'disposed' of the baddies inside, you'll notice a table with a few books about evil and stuff.

On the wall next to the table, you will see some fliers that look like band posters, seemingly promoting a band called 'The Zombie Demons From Outer Space'.

In Max Payne 2, just after you meet Mike the Cowboy, you go upstairs and you'll see a TV showing an episode of 'captain baseball bat boy'(a cartoon that shows up on numerous TV's around the game). Watch for a while and you'll hear the narrator say something like 'To reach Maxwell's demon, Capt. Baseball bat boy will have to fight through the hordes of Zombie Demons from outer space'.

Also, Maxwell's demon is also a kind-of egg, as it refers to the (not literal) demons haunting max, like the memories of his dead family.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-18-2004
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Special Requirements: You will need Max Payne 2 and some eyes to look at it with
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spike55 writes:
I also found a zombie demons from outer space reference. its in Max Payne 1 but in the level "in the land of the blind" after you find the tape when you have to go down the stairs if you turn left at the bottom but dont go in you will hear people talking about movies, and at the end one of the people will go "Oh! Zombies from outer Space" and the other will say somthing like "why do i even bother?" i just thought that was cool to find that after reading you egg earlier.
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