Full Circle (Pennywise) Easter Egg - Hidden Song (a Tribute)

When you get to the last song, let it play..don't stop it, you won't hear anything, but it's going to a hidden song....I'm not sure how long it takes, I think about 10-15 minutes, but you'll hear a guy say something like "This is for you Jason" and a piano plays for a pretty decent time (Talking about a few minutes...at least 5)...This is obviously a tribute to Jason, one of the bandmembers of Pennywise that passed away before Full Circle was released.

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Contributed By: Melissa on 11-20-1999
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Special Requirements: The Full Circle CD, by Pennywise...
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becca writes:
Hey, if you go to the Pennywise web site, they now have the written score for this piano piece posted. It's www.pennywisdom.com. So if anyone wants to learn how to play it, here's your chance!!
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Whiteman writes:
Please don't believe what RascalKing has to say about this. Jason Matthew Thirsk never left Pennywise, it was singer Jim Lindberg who quit after the bands debut album. Thirsk, who already wrote many of the lyrics, became the new singer for Pennywise and therefor long-time friend Randy Bradbury played bass on the band's second album "Unknown Road". The reason why Thirsk doesn't sing on the album either is quite simple: Lindberg return just in time to record the vocals for that album. Thirsk also never left the band prior to his death, which was never believed to be a suicide attempt but rather an accident. The song "Bro Hymn Tribute" at the end of the bands fourth album "Full Circle" is a song written by Thirsk himself for the friends he lost, slightly changed by the band to reflect on the writer himself. The names mentioned in the original lyrics are replaced by "Jason Matthew Thirsk" and you can hear Jason's younger brother Justin (drummer for the now disbanded 98 Mute) scream "My Brother" through that part of the lyrics. As Shawn already wrote in the song section on this site, the real 'hidden track' on "Full Circle" in a piano improvisation by Ronnie King (at that time piano player for Jack (T.S.O.L.) Grisham's band The Joykiller), based on the piano intro of "Unknown Road", from the bands second album of the same name. I always wanted to believe it was also written by JMT, but the Fletcher story sounds more probable...
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reeef writes:
The tribute song on the Full Circle starts around 10mins 10secs through the last song and goes for a approximate time of 14mins. This song is the best iv ever heard and would love to know how to play it. During the song the piano player sounds if he's getting emotional cause he hits the wrong keys. I highly recommended this album to all the punk rock lovers of the world!!!!
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Kermageddon writes:
Does anyone know where you can still find the sheet music? It's no longer up on the site. If there are no links, does anyone happen to still have the file? I'd REALLY like to have this. Please reply.
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Ohmie writes:
Apparently I am not the only one who like the piano solo that was played at the end of unknown road. I too have tried every possible way to come up with the sheet music of even a close representation of the song and every time that I try their actual website address I get pushed back to my space which isn't any help to my desire to play the song as it was intended to be played it doesn't help that I am hard of hearing otherwise I would sit and try to learn it by ear. I am not above the thought that they have many requests for the sheet music nor do I expect any acceptance of a friend on the my space webpage so if at all possible could any body share any knowledge of where to go to find what I am looking for or has anybody tried to play it out on their own ? I could use a mass amount of help.
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munky2611 writes:
Piano piece at the end of Full Circle was written by Jason and played on the album by his brother.
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becca writes:
Yeah, this is one of the greatest tributes ever. I don't know this for sure, so don't rely on this, but I think that the piano piece may have been made up as they played it. I don't know, that's just what it sounds like to me. But anyone who reads this, it's a great track, listen to it!!! It is so beautiful, and I agree, the player was getting really emotional while playing it, getting emotional in a way that allows us to share in those feelings.
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Please get your facts straight before you write anything discrediting someone else. Jason Thirsk (also in PMA) was indeed the bass player to the band Pennywise. Just go to their web site. Bro Hymn Tribute and the tribute were written for him. He does have a brother named Justin who plays in 98 Mute currently.
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smipoem writes:
Hey! I really want to learn how to play the piano song by Pennywise...(the hidden track from "full circle" ) If anyone has got the piano sheet, please write an mail to [email protected] it's very important. Thanks!
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TIgerhawk writes:
This is just an fyi theres also another eegg with less comments on it that has this same song so check out the guys before me comments and i think he's right
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RascalKing writes:
Actually, Jason Thirsk was a member of Pennywise. He WAS the bass player until he left the band due to depression and I think other personal reasons. He ended up committing suicide. Jason played bass on the s/t album, a few songs on Unknown Road, and on About Time. Randy (not sure of the last time at this point)took over bass during Unknown Road and during Full Circle. He originally was going to become the rhythm guitar player but he became bass player after Jason died. The piano player is probably Jason's brother, Justin (I think). It says his name in the lyric sheet. Just thought I'd add that and get the story straight.
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damn_it_8 writes:
i thought Jason Thirsk died from a drug overdose??
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