Super Smash Bros. Melee Easter Egg - Unlock Characters (not an egg)

To unlock Dr. Mario; Beat adventure mode or classic as Mario.

To unlock Falco; Beat the 100 Man Melee

To unlock Ganondorf; finish Event Match 29 (Triforce Gathering)

To unlock Pichu; finish event match 37 (Legendary Pokemon)

To unlock Mewtwo; get 20 hours of 1p. V.S. mode, 10 hours of 2p., or 5 hours of 3p.

To unlock Marth; complete classic mode with all original characters.

To unlock Roy; complete adventure mode with Marth.

to unlock Young Link; complete classic mode with 10 characters. One of them must be adult Link.

to unlock jigglypuff; beat adventure or classic with any character.

to unlock Luigi; finish adventure mode and have the clock in the corner read:**:2* (asterisks being any number)

And finally, to get Mr. Game And Watch; Complete everyone's adventure mode.

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Contributed By: Peter Griffin on 07-07-2004
Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster, ConCor
Special Requirements: A game, and if possible: a controller.
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Have you ever submitted an egg? Because if you have, you'll see that you CAN submit game codes. It's one of the exceptions.
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Gameman writes:
To get Young Link, you don't have to beat it with Link and Zelda.
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brian577 writes:
Not an Egg? Then why are you posting it here, this is not a video game hint site. This site is dedicated easter eggs, if you don't know what an easter egg is then go here ( Please post comments that relative to the topic we are discussing, thank you.
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