X2 Easter Egg - Comic Characters and Places Revealed

When Mystique slips into Lady Deathstryke's office and accesses the computer, a listing of names is shown. When this movie first came out, I downloaded a bootleg copy of the movie, and freeze framed it during this scene, wrote down the names and such, and sent the list to several major movie news sites, namely Ain't It Cool News, Cinescape, etc. Only Cinescape had an article about it, which was copied by IMDB and later published in Wizard Magazine. To see the Cinescape article about this, here's the link:


But if you are lazy, here's the rundown of all the names, places, etc on the two computer screens and their comic book relevance/code names:

Guthrie, Paige (Husk)
Guthrie, Samuel (Cannonball)
Harada, Keniucho (Silver Samurai)
Kane, Garrison (Weapon X)
LeBeau, Remy (Gambit)
Lensherr, Eric M (Magneto)
Maddicks, Artie (Artie)
Madrox, Jamie (Multiple Man)
Mahn, Xi'an Coy (Karma)
Maximoff (2) (Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver. Names weren't specified)
McTaggart, Kevin (Proteus)
Moonstar, Danielle (Moonstar)
Munroe, Ororo (Storm)
--Other Computer Screen--
Omega Red (Russian mutant super soldier)
Muir Island (Scottish mutant research facility, home of X-Team known as Excalibur)
Project Wideawake (Codename for Sentinel project)
Franklin Richards (Son of Fantastic Four's Reed Richards and Sue Storm, born a mutant)
Cerebro (Mutant tracking device created by Professor Xavier and Magneto)

There you have it. Most fans of the comics might have seen it all, but only remember just a few names, well fellow geeks, that's all f-f-f-folks!


Edit by Mayseth:
Here is the beginning of the list that we can see on the computer.

Allerdyce, John (Pyro)
Aquila, Amara (Magma)
Blaire, Alison (Dazzler)
Blevins, Sally (Skids)
Braddock, Elisabeth (Psylocke)
Callasantos, Maria (Feral)
Cassidy (2) (Banshee, Black Tom, Siryn...)
Cheney, Lisa
Creed, Victo (Sabretooth)
Dacosta, Roberto (Sunspot)
Dane, Lorna (Polaris)
Drake, Bobby (Iceman)
Dukes, Fred (Blob)
Espinosa, Angelo (Skin)
Gibney, Kyle (Wild Child)

For more information about them, go to http://www.marvel.com/universe/Main_Page !

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scope writes:
Nice job. Although i did the same with the DVD i never bothered to find out the heroes behind the names. What also would impress me if anyone here could help me out is a list of the characters that feature in the school raid. help would be much obliged. Thank you.
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Chris writes:
My friend, you forgot Remy LeBeau, a.k.a. Gambit, and frankly, I am offended. Besides Magneto, Storm, and Cerebro, he is the only one who had a major role in the cartoon series.
21 of 39 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
AngelicLies writes:
Some of the characters involved in the school raid were Siryn (screaming girl), Shadowcat (girl who ran through a wall), and Colossus (dude who turned into metal.)
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Alabaska J writes:
Chris, he didn't forget it. It is up there.
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twistedhumor writes:
i screen shooted the list here it is too look at http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v228/twistedhumor/Twistedhumor/xnames.jpg
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Vision writes:
Good list. I would have mentioned that, in the comics, the Maximoffs are Magneto's children
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