Uru: Ages Beyond Myst Easter Egg - Team Photo + Zandi's Car

Coelho Buda + Others get credit for finding it.

This is a very lengthy egg.

Once you've completed the original game and downloaded/installed the To D'ni Addon (which you do not have to complete) these are the steps.

1) On Relto (the main island where you link to the rest of the ages) go to the bookshelf and find the blue book with a golden spiral on its spine and link to it. You will now find yourself in 'Bevin'.

2) Find stairs leading up - you should arrive at a bridge type area with three buttons near the center - one blue, one green, and one orange. You must press them in the following order: green, orange, orange, green, green, orange.

3) A door down the path to your right will now activate. (You should be able to see it.) It is the farthest - approach it and enter. You should be greeted by a circular area with a large easter egg floating in the middle. Around it are five alcoves, each with a different scrambled message (three have two messages).

4) Decode the messages - it's probably more fun to do it on your own, but that's up to you. If you wish to try solving them (they're each instructions for different steps you must take to get to the egg) they are alphabet shift codes - in other words, in a 1 letter shift, A is Z, B is A, C is B, etc.

5) Follow the instructions - each message is a different number of letters shifted - 1 shift to 8 shift - they must be done in this order.

In Depth Process:
(If you don't want to figure it out on your own.)

1) "Wear the reward of yeesha.
Keep it on until you're done."

Go to Relto and open the closet - put on Yeesha's shirt that you recieved at the end of the original game. (Has a hand on it.)

2) "Go to the gahreesen power root.
The power must be on
Stand on the place that raises
The stone."

Link to Gahreesen (second book from the left on the bookshelf) and make sure you link to the first room. (Since you've completed the game, you should know what I mean.) Make your way to the second floor and to the big gear room. Stand on the pressure plate that raises the..stone primer thing. While on it.. link back to Relto.

3) "Enter the teledahn prison.
Clear off gehn's favorite
Plate completely.
Stand on it."

Link to Teledahn (third book) and make your way to the prison through the pipe side (the other may be closed off). The FIFTH plate (5 - Riven, get it?) is the middle one - the one closest to the entrance. Clear anything that might be on top of it, stand on it, and link back to Relto.

4) "Find the pillar room in kadish tolesa.
Stand near the previous elevator.
Turn off the glowing floor above."

Now to the fourth book (see a pattern?) - I'd recommend using the hand link this time - the other way is probably blocked. Make your way back down - down the ladders - to the pillar room. Keep backtracking until you get to the elevator that is going up and down constantly - press the blue button here to stop it. Link back to Relto.

5) "Return to the last goal of eder gira.
Once the light has been lit.
Turn off the light."

Fifth book - red one - use the hand link again. If you aren't already in the room with the 7th hand, climb back up there. Turn off the steam light generator. (So dark.) Link back to Relto.

6) "Link to eder kemo.
Get your light source.
Enter the door of the journey."

Sixth book - green - get those light bugs from the trees and make your way (remember not to run) to the Journey door. (This is one of the four doors that led you to the pilliars - has the hand symbol on it.) Walk into it - the bugs will fly away - as long as they were there until now, don't worry.

7) "Go to the desert in the rain.
Look at the left symbol of the
Original code.
Set all four of the imager to it."

For a change of pace, pick the first book and link to the rainy desert. As the message says, look at the combination on the wall next to the door and put the left most symbol into every slot on the imager machine. (No need to press the button.)

8) "Once you've completed all
Of the steps,
Look into the riven remnant.

Egg maze is set
Once you leave the desert,
Egg maze will reset."

Now for the FUN part. Climb out of the cleft and make your way to the broken telescope from Riven. Look into the viewfinder - if you did the egg properly, you should hear "Another one?" and see the Cyan staff.

Now, from the wreckage to the left of the telescope (facing away from the volcanoe), climb on top and try to jump over the fence. Keep trying and eventually you'll find the right spot and make it over. Follow the fence to the left and turn ONE corner. After you reach the next corner, you should see something out in the distance slightly to the right. Walk towards it. (It's a long walk.) When you finally get there, you'll see Zandi riding on top of his Zamboni - get close enough and the game will give you control of the Zamboni and you can ride around all you want.

Crash or ride off the map - link back to Relto - and the egg resets. (Sorry, this means getting all the puzzles reset if you want to do it again.)

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 06-24-2004
Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster
Special Requirements: To D'ni Downloadable Addon
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See second comment Inside the fence, near his old Zambony
See second comment Inside the fence, near his old Zambony

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Phillip.C.M writes:
woah! thats even longer than the 5 step eggfrom riven. Here's a cool find me and my dad came across on Uru: Although it's not an egg, it's a reference, which can be just as interesting. At the very beginning of the game, you'll see a mountain like thing. go around the left side of it. Two things struck my attention. (both arer references to Riven) 1] a Wahrk skeleton. (the tuscks are undersized) 2] (this was my favorite.) The telescope you used to destroy riven. Its a really cool reference. The fissure that opens up at the end of Riven was a link to the world where you, the playuer, came from, and there it is, crash landed.
21 of 39 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
Kefrith writes:
When I drove the trailer off the edge of the map, the angle got all weird and it basically looked like a render of the trailer upside-down and without any light source. Then, when I linked to Relto, I kept repeatedly falling through the floor of the hut as if it were the fissure!
21 of 39 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No

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