Tony Hawk's Underground Easter Egg - A Huge List of Eggs Returns

Way back when I submitted this egg for THPS3:
It was called "A Huge List of Eggs", because, simply, it was a huge list of eggs. Now, I have another huge list of eggs for Tony Hawk Underground, so I decided to call them, "A Huge List of Eggs Returns".

All right. Here are some THUG eggs I found.

1. When you're in Tampa, ride up to the strip club and follow these steps to get inside: Either ride up one of the walkways on the sides of the strip club, and break the glass roof, or spine transfer off one of the quarter pipes on the front of the club. You'll be inside a small bowl like room, with a stripper, (in her underwear, nothing less), two men, and an open door. Go through the door and you'll get a message.

2. Go behind the strip club and you'll see a police office checking out a goat's butt.

3. Walk up to the top of the walkway of the strip club, but don't break the glass roof. Instead jump on to the red walk way behind the club. From here, get a running start and leap across to the other red walkway. Jump on the air conditions, so you can read the billboard on the wall advertising an "overpriced office."

4. A phony Neversoft movie poster can be found on the walls of the buildings across from the Tampa strip club.

5. Go to the train station in New Jersey and turn down the music volume. You'll hear secret intercom messages like, "If you miss your train, too bad."

5. There's a poster of Daisy, (the secret character in THPS4), in your room in New Jersey.

6. You can see a THPS4 game on top of the TV in your room in New Jersey. It's on the secret for a second or two, in the cinematic after you create your skater.

7. From the start of Hawaii, go onto the street and make a right. Then make a left on the next turn and continue down the road. You'll see a store called Evil Tiki, and in front of it is a huge tiki head with the word "Evil" printed under it. Right next to the Evil Tiki store is a theater. Right next to the door to the theater is a long, funny message printed on the wall about the "Insult Way."

8. From the start of Moscow, go right, and jump into the fifth window from the left on the building closest to you. You'll be inside a small part of the building. There's a funny picture on the wall, above the window you just broke, of the Russian man giving you a hang loose sign.

9. On the Kiss concert level, there are the letters K-I-S-S hidden on the level. If you hit them, they'll light up and a crowd will cheer for you. If you collect all the letters you'll unlock a Kiss music video.

10. Collect the letters again and Kiss will perform for you.

11. There's also an atv on the Kiss concert level and my friend pointed out that the number on the side of the atv is 69.

12. In the train station in New Jersey is Ollie the Magic Bum that is a reference to THPS2. In THPS2, on Venice Beach, there was a goal called "Ollie the Magic Bum" in which you would have to ollie over a magic bum.

13. On New York, you can find Ollie the Magic Bum in the corner of skate park area with all the parked cars. He's next to a trashcan with fire, sitting down in front of a police officer. He's also hidden in the alley across from the giant anchor. He's sleeping on the dumpster. The last place I found Ollie in New York was in the pyramid area with the big planter next to McDonalds. If you grab onto the ledge in the back of the area, and pull your self up, you can see Ollie walking around in the alley.

14. On Slama Jamma, if you grind the turntable, the music will pause for a second and you'll hear a record scratch. Sometimes it will even change the song you're listening too.

15. In New York get in to the car and look for a woman in a black dress. Try to run her over she will slap you and make your skateboard fly out of the car. The only draw back to this E-egg is it will sound like you fell down like 100 times.

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Contributed By: Boneho Chane on 06-11-2004
Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster
Special Requirements: The game
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"There's a poster of Daisy, (the secret character in THPS4), in your room in New Jersey. "

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shizzy writes:
Also if you climb ont the roof of the train station in New Jersey you will find a secret level
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invader_zim2 writes:
yes, but that was set there for you to find. as more of a... "secret level" not an egg.
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
None of these are eggs. They are part of the game. I should delete this...
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
Phil writes:
On the Hawaii level, in 2-Player mode, you can jump into the mouth of the Tiki Head. You will then be teleported to a lava tunnel, which will end in a big drop.
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
alman14 writes:
Also, if you go up the q-pipe on the wall high enough, you will find the THPS2 level tape of the school
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No
Jake writes:
Accually if you jump high enough at the tiki's mouth you will be trasported inside the tiki
19 of 31 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No

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