Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Easter Egg - *Another* THX 1138 Reference

On the level with the crashed merchant ship and the huge worms, go on top of the ship (cheats will help) at the point farthest away from you when you start. Look down, and you should see the numbers 1138, which is of course part of the title of George Lucas's first movie. I know there are a lot of 1138 references in his films, but it is a little interesting. Someone should make a compendium of all 1138 references some where ( Oh, if you want to see more THX 1138 references, just go to Movies, then Films, then scroll down to the Star Wars movies.

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Contributed By: Mr. Prickle (bonus points to those who can figure out the movie reference!) on 06-10-2004
Reviewed By: MrHappyHamster
Special Requirements: Well, duh, the game!
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Actually this egg is false. I posted it after not having played the game in a long time, and I didn't go back to check. I think it actually says 8113, which is not that far off, but it's still wrong. I'm sorry.
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EskimoBob writes:
Actually, that is just 1138 mixed around. I think this still counts, after all there are other starwars eggs with references to 1138 jumbled up.
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