American Splendor Easter Egg - 5 Eggs on the American Splendor DVD

These 5 eggs can be accessed from different areas of the American Splendor DVD. I'll start with the easiest to find.

1) A "Conversation" With Toby
Go to the Special Features menu and just wait. It's set-up like a fast food drive-thru with Toby in a car. It just sounds like the drive-thru attendant trying to get Toby's attention. However, after a while an actual "conversation" starts between the two using dialogue from the movie.

2) DVD Credits
Go to Special Features, highlight the "Play Movie" icon and click LEFT. You'll then highlight the "sausage/onion/cheese" icon around the "HBO Films" feature. Select it to see the credits for the DVD itself.

3) A Bit About Toby Radloff
Again, highlight the "Play Movie" icon in Special Features. This time, click RIGHT. You'll highlight the speaker. Select it for a short featurette on Toby Radloff, including footage of Toby and interviews with people who worked on the film and Harvey & Joyce.

4) The Opening Sequence
Go to Chapter Select. On the first page, you'll be able to select the various chapters and there will be a big panel (it's done like a comic book) with "American Splendor" that you can't select right away. To highlight it, first highlight "Main Menu" and click DOWN. Select the panel and you'll get a short featurette with animator John Kuramoto on the opening title sequence of the film.

5) The Joy of Acting
Again, go to Chapter Select. This time, keep on hitting next until you get to the screen where the End Credits are selectable. Looking at the bottom row of icons, you'll see the last apparently selectable icon is "Main Menu." However, if you highlight "Main Menu" and then click RIGHT, you'll highlight an additional icon in the shape of the previous "Next" icons. Select it for a featurette on Hope Davis & Paul Giamatti cracking each other up on the set, including interviews with them and behind the scenes footage.


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Contributed By: silent_rob on 04-14-2004
Reviewed By: Jabberwocky
Special Requirements: A DVD player & the Region 1 disc of the movie.
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