Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon Easter Egg - Secret Paris Area

After leaving Vernon's apartment for the first time, you should see a skater boy. You must do this egg now, because later in the game the skater boy will disappear. Walk up to the skater boy and use the lipstick on him. Nico will say "There was no way I was going to do that!" or something similar. You have just triggered the easter egg. Now walk down the street until you pass the park. Normally, when you walk pass the park, Nico will say "I considered leaving the area," and the game will ask you where you want to go. If you used the lipstick on the skater boy, it will go right into a loading screen as soon as you past the park. After the game is done loading, you'll be in the secret area. There isn't much to do here, but there is a dog that walks around. There is also a bridge that goes over the river. If you walk down the bridge far enough, Nico will say, "I considered leaving the area," and the game will ask where you want to go.

By the way, this easter egg is the only use for the lipstick in the whole game.

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Contributed By: Boneho Chane on 04-14-2004
Reviewed By: Jabberwocky
Special Requirements: The game
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Dan Slep writes:
I tried this, and it worked, but what exactly is the point, there is nothing to do, not even anything interactive. Is it just a little inset or something?
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Goatboy writes:
Do yer reckon the designers planned somink to happen here? Was it a piece of script which they forgot about or didn't think it was relivant enough in the game to make or it wasn't going anywhere? And are you sure that is not the only use of lipstick? Has anyone else found a use for it? Do you like being asked all these questions? If no then why? (technically you shouldn't reply because if you don't like questions then why answer a question which you don't like?)
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