Ultima VII Easter Egg - Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

1. At dos prompt type: "ultima7 ABCD(hold down alt and press 255 on keypad and let go; a space should appear signifying that it did it right)
2. Make sure ABCD are capitalized and use the keypad for the numbers
3. Hit enter.
4. Hit F2 to get a cheat menu
5. Hit F3 to get a map of the world and click anywhere on it to teleport to that location
6. Other F-keys do other things(Figure out for self)
7. In actual menu, modify any character by hitting "m"(Avatar is number 0 and party members are low numbers)
8. Hit "p" to turn on power avatar to make avatar invulnerable and have unlimited reagents
9. Hit "h" to turn on hack mover and be able to move any object on screen and be able to carry anything and unlimited inventory(Figure rest of menu out for self(I still don't know what everything does))
10. alt-and 1-4 do things too(not sure which ones do what but one of them dumps the inventory of any person or container)
11. For Ultima 7 Part 2:
12. At DOS prompt enter "serpent pass"
13. Same cheat menu as Ultima 7 with just a couple of things that don't work anymore
14. "serpent pass s" shows strange obkects on ground in game
15. If Silver Seed add-on is installed, cheat is "serpent manimal"

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Contributed By: Paul O'Brien on 07-12-1999
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Avatar writes:
Unfortunately this does not work at all, it has been tried on many times and in different variations,it does NOT work
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Avatar writes:
But it DOES work for Part 2
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