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On assault on the control room level on the part where you finally see the control room and you are on a natural bridge over the final part of the level. There are some banshees that typically some elites get into quickly. with the right elements of surprize and weapons (rocket launcher) you can get into one of the banshees (this is about equally difficulty in any level but the parts before are a lot easier on easy it doesn't affect the outcome) you can from here go directly to the end which saves you a large part of the level or you could fly up. now this is hard to describe but if you are playing you will qwant to go toward the "pryramid" and up the towerish part. there are then 3 little U's around the main shaft on the second on on the right hand side if you get out of your banshee and stand near the edge you hear the soft sound of music. The music is beautiful and relaxing after one too many beers and way too many hours of Halo. The music is the theme track from a previous game that bungie had written.

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Contributed By: Newmanese on 04-14-2004
Reviewed By: Jabberwocky
Special Requirements: halo
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The place to stand to hear music.
The place to stand to hear music.

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Nick writes:
It's the Siege of Madrigal, from Bungie's game Myth; another one of Marty O'Donnell's masterpieces. The same piece of Myth music that can be heard at the very end of this level can also be heard at the very start of this level. If you drop down into the initial well (you can use a Banshee, but it's easier to do with the initial Pelican), you'll find a spot at which the Siege of Madrigal plays through. Frogblast was kind enough to film it for the edification of those who come after. Interesting that this piece of music 'brackets' the level... one wonders what Marty had to do with all of this, and what it means? You can hear the song here: http://nikon.bungie.org/tipsntricks/eggs/siegeofmadrigal.mp3 Or see the videos here: Start of the level: http://yuan.ecom.cmu.edu/utfoo/movie/movies/begin.mov End of the level: http://nikon.bungie.org/tipsntricks/eggs/madrigal.mov Thanks to HBO for all the great hosting and content!
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Boneho Chane writes:
I also submitted this egg, but it was before your's appeared on the site. I must admit, this is a pretty cool egg. The song you hear is called "Siege of Madrigal", which is from the another Bungie game, Myth. The song also secretly appears on the Halo soundtrack. You can read more about it on my egg here: http://www.eeggs.com/items/40458.html
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Jeff writes:
If anyone wants to know, this is the very last part of the last song in the Halo soundtrack. I know this cause i got it ;-) Just wanted to let you all know that...
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Nugget writes:
The game this music is from is Myth. Halo has loads of eggs in. Some are fairly easy to get (As in the reason/meaning/whatever of the egg), and there are others that only the most devoted, hardcore Bungie fans would get. The majority of them seem to be the latter.
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Sob writes:
Something like that is in halo 3 almost the same spot in halo 3 when you have to stop truth.
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Xeeber writes:
Does this work with the PC edition of Halo?
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Venlock writes:
Thier is a trick to getting into the Banshees in this level but it is at the very start at the very first bridge. It's no easter egg but it is an awesome trick that enables you to do the entire level in a banshee. When the designers made the game I'm sure that this trick was not intentional though. But they too found out about it because if u watch the previews when u leave the start menu going u can see them in a Banshee in a scene that you can't get Banshees in. Anyway, e-mail me if u want to know how.
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moogle writes:
Hmm. The funny thing is, that I went to bungie dot com to look for their easter eggs and stuff, and I listened to the music an i was like "oh yes thats nice, whatever." Then I played the level, instead of going on the pyramid I went through the door on the ground on the right side, then the same music played... a glitch?
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